Our Mission

We’re on a Mission:

We prevent noise pollution with innovative technology and remarkable customer service.

NoiseAware was built as the result of one party incident. Our Co-Founder, David Krauss, rented out his short term rental on Airbnb to a guest who was coming to stay at his place for a "quiet weekend". That quiet weekend never happened and after their "mini Coachella rager" in his condo, he was left to clean up the mess - a cease and desist letter from his building and a lot of angry neighbors. David was forced to sell his property and lost over $30,000.

That's when he met Andrew Schulz, a brilliant electrical engineer with a unique set of skills. The two began building what is now "The Smoke Detector for Noise". A smart sensor equipped with noise monitoring technology to save short-term rental owners and managers from the same nightmare David endured. Today we're a team of fun, bright and somewhat quiet people who believe quiet hours should always be quiet. We're your noise monitoring experts!

Our Team


Andrew Schulz

CEO & Co-Founder


David Krauss



Christine Saba

Head of Growth


Garrett Dobbs

Head of Product


Jay Klein

Head of Sales


Robert Camarillo

Account Manager


Madison Perry

Marketing Manager


Patrick Arata

Customer Success Manager


Michael Goldin

Director of Business Development


Monica Snyder

Account Executive


Tyler Fabschutz

Account Executive, Enterprise


Sam Miers

Implementation Specialist


Trent Fridey

Software Developer


Jacob Umbrage

Hardware Engineer


Divyanshu Pandey

Project Manager


Jamar Herford

Support Specialist

How it all Started

In 2015 after the two founders met at a local networking event and realized their fate to start something the world had never seen they set off for Vegas for the first Vacation Rental Conference. Once confirming with teary-eyed potential customers, a bunch of “you make it and I’ll buy it” they decided this back of the napkin concept had to be built.

The first ever noise event with the newest (and ugliest version) of the product was the first trustworthy customer on NYE. That first success sparked the drive to build the first 100 sensors. In Spring 2016 the company started selling it to managers and owners all over the country (and world)!! Today we continue to party crash on bad actors who, much like our founder Dave’s beginnings, can cause a nightmare of issues.


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