Welcome to NoiseAware

We prevent noise pollution with innovative technology and remarkable customer service.

NoiseAware was built as the result of one party incident. Our CEO, David Krauss, rented out his short term rental on Airbnb to a guest who was coming to stay at his place for a "quiet weekend". That quiet weekend never happened and after their mini coachella rager in his condo he was left to clean up the mess - a cease and desist letter from his building and a lot of angry neighbors. Dave was forced to sell his property and lost over $30,000.

That's when he met Andrew Schulz, a brilliant electrical engineer with a unique set of skills. The two began building what is now "The Smoke Detector for Noise". A smart sensor equipped with noise monitoring technology to save short term rental owners and managers from the same nightmare that Dave endured. Today we're a team of fun, bright and somewhat quiet people who believe quiet hours should always be quiet. We're your noise monitoring service and we're excited to help.

Meet our Founders

Co-Founders NoiseAware

Dave Krauss & Andrew Schulz