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0 Comments | Posted By Madison Perry
8/3/2017 2:24 PM
Airbnb is like any software application—with each iteration, developers add new bells and whistles, and it is your responsibility to keep up or risk falling behind your competition.  That said, Airbnb often releases product updates randomly and to only certain hosts (e.g. hosts in a...
Customer Success Story: Property Manager - Blake, EMR Vacation Rentals
0 Comments | Posted By Madison Perry
6/13/2017 3:40 PM
Here at NoiseAware, we absolutely love our customers! We love to learn about their business, follow along with them through their journey with their vacation rentals and they become a part of our family. Blake Mackenzie, owner of EMR Vacation Rentals in Victoria, British Columbia is one of...
REGULATION ROUND UP: Santa Barbara Save the Short Term Rentals
Comments | Posted By Dave Krauss
6/2/2017 5:16 PM
In Santa Barbara, there is an ordinance on the table that would effectively ban short term vacation rentals which would wipe out the small businesses that support the industry. If adopted, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors would be forcing hardship on the homeowners relying on the...
0 Comments | Posted By Christine Saba
5/23/2017 11:22 AM
Save time, increase revenue, and deliver a great hospitality experience – the tablet designed for your vacation rental properties or serviced apartments. It’s just over a year since they launched and they have more than 3,000 tablets in 30 countries....
Why Decibels Suck!
0 Comments | Posted By Madison Perry
5/11/2017 3:28 PM
INTRODUCING: NOISE RISK SCORE Big news here at NoiseAware - we launched our official Noise Risk Score and we couldn’t be more excited! Amongst the excitement has been the question, “how is this better than the previously used decibel scale?” and we’re here to tell you...
My First Short Term Rental Experience
0 Comments | Posted By Madison Perry
4/26/2017 6:00 PM
A personal story from Madison, Community & Marketing Manager at NoiseAware. Before I begin my story, I need to share a little about myself. My entire life I have DESPISED hotels. When packing for every trip I’ve ever been on, I’ve made room in my luggage for my own blanket and...
Life Hack of the Week: Web Browser Turned App
Comments | Posted By Madison Perry
4/21/2017 1:18 PM
Do you want to easily be able to check on the Noise Risk Score at your property(s) while on the go? You’re in luck. There’s an iPhone app for that! Well, sort of. Our customer success manager came up with the perfect “life hack” to make your lives that much easier!!...
Industry Spotlight: Clearbanc
0 Comments | Posted By Madison Perry
4/12/2017 1:50 PM
How can you invest money into your Airbnb!? New industry spotlight: Clearbanc. Clearbanc has launched a new financial service that is specifically designed for Airbnb hosts to gain access to working capital. The program takes a holistic approach to understanding a host’s business to...
Proactively Addressing Vacation Rental Noise Issues in Palm Springs
0 Comments | Posted By Christine Saba
4/3/2017 10:03 AM
Proactively Addressing Vacation Rental Noise Issues in Palm Springs The Vacation Rental Tourism Association partners with NoiseAware to launch innovative noise mitigation program at 50 Palm Springs vacation rental homes...
How One Airbnb Host Nightmare was Avoided
Comments | Posted By Christine Saba
3/31/2017 10:11 AM
How One Airbnb Host Nightmare was Avoided Customer Success Story: My Spidey Sense is Tingling One of our awesome customers, we will call him Jack (to protect his business and privacy), called in to tell us about an almost Airbnb nightmare at one of his DC area properties. Lucky for...