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5 Best Vacation Rental Photography Tips

First impressions are everything! Not only when it comes to meeting people but even more so when you're listing your vacation rental online. Your photos are the display window of your business. Most people would rather go into a store with an enticing, appealing window rather than an outdated, dingy display.

There are so many listings out there. But how can you ensure that your rental is the one that guests will pick for their stay? By having high-quality pictures, your vacation rental will pop out!


The first thing your potential guests are going to see when wanting to book a vacation rental are the photos of your property. These photos will determine whether the guests will decide to book your property or not. With today's technology, it's now even possible to take decent photos on your mobile phone. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional photographer; your smartphone can take them for you! Here are some tips to get some high-quality pictures and, ultimately, more bookings!

Tip #1: How To Stage Your Rental

First of all, you want to make sure that your home is clean and orderly. No one wants to see pictures of dirty dishes or clutter lying around. While this seems to be an obvious step, it's surprisingly a commonly made a mistake. So it's time to clean up and get your space looking at it's best!

Once you've made sure that your home is all clean, try and add some decorative touches. For example, find a few pieces that will make your home feel more welcoming. Flowers and plants are great to add some color as well as some natural decorative touches to your home. You can place them pretty much wherever you want and it will instantly change your space. You might also want to add some pretty books to your coffee table. They'll make the space feel homier.


Tip #2: Lighting Is Key

It's all about the right light! Don't worry, you don't need to spend a fortune on special lights. In this case, natural lighting will be your best friend. Use the natural light to your advantage, pull back the drapes and let the sun do it's thing! Even professional photographers like to rely on natural light. Having natural lighting will make the home look more comfortable and inviting. Just make sure to test out the different times of day to find the time where your house is illuminated perfectly.


Tip #3: Different Angles

This is very important! It's all about the right angles when taking pictures of your property. If you don't have the right angles, it can be detrimental to the appearance of your property. The right angles can even make the smallest spaces look extra spacious. Your main goal is to all make your property seem as roomy as possible with every photo taken. The best technique that will achieve this goal is to take pictures from the corners of the room. Being in the corners help elongate the space, creating the spacious look guests will desire. Be careful and mix the angles up, no-one wants to see every room at the same angle - we want variety! Establish depth in your photos by placing items like flowers or other decor items that give a splash of color. That way, you're showcasing different elements of your property!


Tip #4: Show Off The Unique Features

You want to highlight every aspect of your property! Each room should be displayed, so guests have a clear idea of the property they are renting. This is your time to show off your property! When you are taking photos, make sure that you showcase both the inside and outside of your property. You have a pool in your backyard? That's awesome! Make sure to include some pictures in the listing! Also, your guests will appreciate having a few photos of the outside of your home so they can identify the property when they arrive. Unique features like that are what people look for when deciding whether or not they want to book the property.

Pay attention to the details! Are you using any smart home devices? If so, make sure to include them in your gallery, so guess will know what to expect. You never want your guests to spot a device they weren't informed of beforehand. It can make them feel uncomfortable, and you don't want that!


Tip #5: Phone Photography

Maximize the capabilities of your phone. Enable the grid on your smartphone camera to capture the angles you want. Adjust the brightness/coloring based on the surrounding lighting, making each feature stand out. Once you've taken all your photos, use an editing tool like Lightroom (you can download the free app to your phone) to make your photos look even more professional! You might even want to consider using similar filters or presets to ensure your property has a unified look!


Now it's your turn to get started! Use all of the tips above and start shooting your own professional photos. 2020 is going to be the year that your property is going to stand out!

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