madison 12/13/2018

6 Short Term Rental Management Tips to Keep Your Neighbors Happy

Happy neighbors are an important part of a successful short term rental business. Addressing and anticipating their possible complaints is a great way to stay ahead. Unhappy neighbors are likely to make business challenging and could potentially result in a negative guest experience. Here are our top tips to keep that from happening.

1. Create a Line of Communication

Don’t be afraid to hear from your neighbors. Instead, embrace and encourage it! Providing your neighbors with your emergency contact info including cell number and email opens up a line of communication. It will make them feel like their concerns are important to you.

Fill your neighbors in on what short term rentals are and how it works. They may know very little about it. Assure them that all guest undergo a bit of a background check and have communicated with you directly. It all starts with building trust through communication.

2. Notify Neighbors or Guest Arrivals

It can be alarming seeing a couple of strangers lurking around your street. While you understand it's your short term rental guests trying to figure out which place is yours, your neighbors might not. Automate messages that will streamline booking dates to your nearest neighbors to prevent these problems. This will create a sense of ease and they won’t treat your guests like potential robbers.

3. Create a House Rules Handbook

Whatever can go wrong, will. So, depending on the situation, see if there is an opportunity to create a rule from preventing it from happening again. It’s all about anticipation!

Short Term Rental house rules are the perfect solution to set the stage to a complaint-free experience. Keep the rules simple and their descriptions brief. For example:

  • No Visitors Allowed Past 11 pm
  • Avoid Excessive Noise Past 9 pm
  • Avoid Eating in Bedrooms
  • Treat Home as Your Own
  • No Smoking
  • Recycle Bin Available Under Kitchen Sink
  • Specify Parking
  • Pool/Jacuzzi/BBQ Instructions
  • Mention Anything or Anywhere in the Short Term Rental that’s Off Limits

Even if it seems picky, your guests will appreciate the structure and your neighbors won’t be disturbed.

Be sure to list rules regarding community areas that are shared with your neighbors. A gym, pool, park, or lake - whatever is a part of the community it is your responsibility that your guests treat is as if they live there.

Parking is another rule to remember. There is nothing like coming home after work and seeing some stranger take your parking spot. It will almost always result in a very uncomfortable phone call from a disgruntled neighbor.

4. Short Term Rental Noise Control

Never assume your guests will honor your neighbor's desire for a quiet evening. But it’s much bigger than that. Ensuring your neighbors aren't having a huge party with loud music and far too many people - monitor the noise.

Unfortunately, this is your business on the line. Noise complaints have cost hosts their business and some have even received cease and desists letters. It’s not fun. NoiseAware helps you manage the issue before it reaches your neighbors.

Using sensory software, NoiseAware will notify you as noise levels begin to peak. Address it immediately by calling or texting your guests.

5. Key Handoff

Some of your guests have travelled far and are anticipated a nap as soon as they enter the property. Having a delayed key handoff or check-in is not only inconvenient for them it’s also a little awkward for your neighbors.

Before they knock on your neighbor's door in hopes of knowing how to get in, create a fast and easy process that won’t have them standing around outside.

6. Follow-Up With Your Neighbors

Even if they haven’t complained in a long time or ever, follow up with your neighbors. A quick check-in gives them an opportunity to voice their concerns without feeling like it’s a confrontation. Take every opportunity to make sure you’re doing what you can to sustain your business and that includes keeping your neighbors happy.

There are so many working parts that go into a business that the needs and expectations of neighbors are often overlooked or ignored entirely. As the business owner, it is your responsibility to create a structured environment so that the short term rental experience is positive for all involved.

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