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Blog - INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Optimize My Airbnb

By Madison Perry 8/3/2017 2:24 PM Comments

Former Airbnb Employee Starts To Increase Host Success

Company Spotlight:, ‘Supercharge Your Listing’

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Airbnb is like any software application—with each iteration, developers add new bells and whistles, and it is your responsibility to keep up or risk falling behind your competition.  That said, Airbnb often releases product updates randomly and to only certain hosts (e.g. hosts in a certain location), which can be a frustrating experience for those who want take advantage of new functionality to maximize their listings potential.   


As a former Airbnb employee in the Finance and Local Operations department, Danny recognized host pain points and made it his mission to understand Airbnb’s idiosyncrasies and determine how hosts can make smarter choices to reach their goals.  

To do this, Danny drew upon his professional and personal Airbnb experiences (he has been a host since 2013) to perfect the art and science of an attractive listing. His research became a guide for his own work, and he wanted to share his recipe for success with other hosts. With that mission in mind, he created a remote Airbnb property management company in 2016.


To best serve his customers, Danny strove to keep his knowledge fresh through hosting (he has been a Superhost), renting (as of now, Danny has rented Airbnb listings in over 15 countries), and continuing his duties as an Airbnb property manager dedicated to host success (he has managed over 50 listings). Needless to say—Danny’s seen the gamut of Airbnb listings and credits these experiences as critical factors that helped cultivate host trust in his services.


Seeking to take the host Airbnb experience a step further, Danny leveraged his experiences as a host, guest, and Airbnb property manager to create in 2016. Through the site’s main product, the Superhost Listing Optimization Report, Danny makes all recommended changes from the report on your behalf: edits all text (descriptions, photo captions, house manual, etc.), optimizes all photos (captions, order, number), and creates your guidebook (while saving all original content and settings). Danny then provides a summary of the changes and monitors the listing’s stats over the following seven days to track metrics and ensure host satisfaction.


$225, one-time fee*

Report Length

9-414 pages depending on suggestion volume

Guaranteed Delivery Timeframe

72 hours**


**Lower cost options at $50 and $100 available, see website

**For an additional $25, will deliver the report within 12 hours.


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Through the Listing Optimization Report, Danny optimizes the following:


  • Photos

  • Title

  • Summary

  • Description

  • Settings

  • Reviews

  • Pricing (specific suggestions recommended, but no direct changes made to this sensitive area)

  • Profile


Additionally, the report comes with:

  • Hosting and listing tips

  • Partner discounts (a value of $300+)

  • Follow-up priority email support


If you’ve visited, you’ll notice a bold claim on the homepage: “You’ll earn 627% more in one week.” This figure is based on the Superhost Listing Optimization Report. The average host earns 627% of their nightly rate within 7 days. Please read the FAQs for additional info on how this number is calculated.


After optimizing over 400+ listings, Danny is confident in the claim that with Superhost Optimization, a listing of (for example) $100 per night, can expect to earn about $627 in the first seven days. also offers additional products to hosts who first purchase a Listing Optimization Report:

  • Airbnb business cards

  • Airbnb listing website (Here is a basic example)

  • Electronic house manual

  • Revenue management

  • Inquiry management


Is $225 for a Superhost Listing Optimization Report out of your budget? In May 2016, a $100 Advanced Optimization Report and a $50 Basic Optimization Report was created and is chalked full of relevant information to make your listing more attractive and rank higher in search.


Or, head over to the blog, where Danny regularly posts quick and actionable hosting and listing tips. has a sole purpose: to make you the best host you can be. Whether your goal is maximizing profit or providing an amazing guest experience, Danny is here to support you. If you have any questions, you can contact him directly through the chat option on the website, or directly through the contact page.  


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