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Blog - Black Friday Deals for your Airbnb

Black Friday Deals for your Airbnb
By Madison Perry 11/17/2017 2:43 PM Comments

It’s coming close to that time of year again, the time of year everyone adores - Black Friday weekend!

Why is Black Friday weekend incredibly important for Airbnb hosts?

Because it allows you to stock up on bulk items, repair/replace home appliances, and get general electronic items at a lower-than-normal price. Since your home is your hotel, you need to make sure it is fully stocked and fully operational at all times.


If you need to buy a new TV or get a new microwave because your old one kicked the bucket, now’s the time to do it. This is how you save thousands of dollars in costs over the course of the next year.


Not only are retailers stocking up in preparation for the big day, but they’re also rolling out some incredible deals that you simply do not want to miss. Here’s some of the important ones that Airbnb hosts may be interested in.



General Airbnb Black Friday Weekend Tips


Black Friday weekend is known for its no-holds barred shopping frenzy. We’ve all seen the videos. They aren’t pretty.


With the rise of eCommerce and online shopping, you can still get low prices on many of your favorite items without having to physically be present.


Regardless, there’s an art to Airbnb Black Friday weekend shopping. Here’s some of our best tips:

1. Place the item in your cart ahead of time

If a retailer is pulling the trigger on a deal on Black Friday, you need to make sure you’re the first in “line” to get that item.

How do you do this online?

Place the item in your online cart ahead of time so when the clock strikes the specific time - you’ll be ready. Then press “checkout” and go on your merry way.


2. Identify what you want ahead of time

Whenever you go grocery shopping, you usually make a list. There should be no exception to this rule when you’re doing Airbnb shopping on Black Friday Weekend.


It can be incredibly easy to spend, spend, and spend some more on Black Friday weekend because of all the sumptuous deals.


This is where a little self-control and restraint comes into play. Make a list of everything you need and stick to it.


This will be especially helpful in stores like Walmart that sell everything under the sun.


3. Prevention is better than cure

If you suspect one of your appliances or electronics is on the way out, you’d be wise to replace it or at least get a back up.


You don’t want to be one of those “I should have known”s who don’t jump on a hot deal.


If you use your home as an Airbnb frequently, then it is a safe bet to have two of everything (or have the money to buy a replacement) - especially when it comes to appliances.


Think about it: if your high end coffee maker gives out on you some time next year, then you’ll be wishing you had the chance to replace it at 70% off.


With some things, this isn’t reasonable.


No one has the space to store a second refrigerator in the home, we get that.


But if your fridge is 20 years old and makes ice inconsistently, you better start shopping around on Black Friday weekend for a new one.


This is where a good mental tally of everything in your home starts to come into play.


Think you yourself: “how long have I had this item and how long has it been working for me?”


With that being said, on to the stellar deals!


Appliance and General Home Repair Savings


We’ve all been there: the Keurig breaks down or the washing machine that’s on its last legs finally gives out. Both of these situations aren’t fun.


Appliances can be generally a pain to replace due to their high prices. That means Black Friday weekend is the perfect time to get a new washer, dryer, coffee maker, etc. for your Airbnb.


You don’t want to miss out on these amazing deals.


Home Depot:

The famous Home Depot is holding a great Black Friday sale. Some of them are must-buys for anyone who is in the market for a new appliance at a low price.



Best Buy:

Not to be outdone, Best Buy is also bringing out the big guns on appliances for their Black Friday sales.



Walmart’s name isn’t synonymous with “home improvement”, but regardless, it’s throwing out tons of stops with its Black Friday weekend deals on everything from power tools to appliances.




Target is also giving out the best deals possible via its Black Friday ad:




General Bed, Bath, and Home Savings


Need a new rug? How about a new accent to put in the living room? Maybe a new bed frame?


Here’s some of the places that are offering great deals on general home goods.


Value City

The lauded furniture giant is throwing a big, bold, Black Friday sale!


If you’re in the market for new furniture - this is one you won’t want to miss.




IKEA is known for its cheap and ready to assemble pieces, and the pieces got even cheaper.


The store has a $25 off promotion on orders $150 or more, until Christmas Eve.




Costco’s not a retailer to play small. The bulk goods wholesaler is not only having a traditional Black Friday sale but it is also showing up big for the rest of the holiday season.


Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is the perfect spot to stock up on the extra bath essentials and miscellaneous homeware you need to make your Airbnb rental the most hospitable place possible.


Bed, Bath, and Beyond is holding a massive Black Friday sale. Hit the landing page for more details.



Electronics and Miscellaneous Equipment Savings


Your Airbnb guests will most likely want to have Wi-Fi and TV. Don’t let them down.


Here’s some stores to shop and buy these things at discount prices.


Of course Walmart couldn’t be left in the cold. The legendary big box retailer is holding a massive Black Friday weekend sale on everything from electronics to



Best Buy

 Not only is Best Buy holding a massive home blow out, but they’re making sure you get some great deals in electronics as well.




 The Everything Store is rolling out some insane deals on electronics and a massive bevy of other items.


Best of all, there’s new deals coming out every single day.


If you need a new router to beef up your Wi-Fi signal, you’ll find it here.



 SlickDeals has some...slick deals. Especially on routers. Here’s it’s listing on various stores that are selling routers at a low price.


There you have it! Some great deals at an even greater price.


There’s no one clear winner here when it comes to having the best deals on Black Friday weekend.


If you’re looking for something specific, one of these places will most likely have it at a lower-than-normal price.


If you follow these tips and shop at these retailers, you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the course of the next year. That’s what you call a deal.

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging in the balance, did you?


We’re also holding our own Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Find out what they are Tuesday, 11/21. We promise, they won't disappoint!! 

Happy Black Friday weekend shopping! 

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