Customer Spotlight: Playlist Properties

admin 10/06/2016

Amy and Paul Walters manage a growing number of beautiful properties in Nashville, TN aka Music City, USA! The Walters began their STR management journey seven years ago by renting their own condo in downtown Nashville. Their love for Nashville and the desire to help finance a renovation project compelled them to post that first listing and soon they began helping their neighbors do the same.

It was right there in their loft’s newly designed kitchen that Playlist Properties was born.

Today, Music City is one of the fastest growing STR markets in the country. With Nashville recently listed in Lonely Planet’s Top Destinations for 2016 and a consistent magnet for celebration travel such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, the public debate about how to manage the burgeoning STR has heated up.

And can you guess what the number one issue is in Music City?

Yup, you guessed it: NOISE.

Since managers Amy and Paul are ultimately responsible for the noise levels of the guests at their properties, they have made efforts to reduce the risk of noise nuisance issues.

“We introduce ourselves to the surrounding neighbors and give them our contact info to call us directly if there is ever an issue. We are available 24/7. We also vet our guests and inform them of the noise ordinances.” states Amy.

Sometimes, though, they admit that they’ve received noise complaints when it was too late to respond.

Amy and Paul knew that there were risks involved in relying on neighbors to notify them when there was a problem.

Enter NoiseAware.

We met Amy and Paul at a Vacation Rental Managers Association conference in April. After we explained how NoiseAware works (it works like a “smoke detector for noise”), Playlist Properties was on board. Amy and Paul have been among our most enthusiastic customers with NoiseAware now installed across their entire portfolio.

Amy and Paul are especially excited about using NoiseAware because each property runs the risks of losing their STR permit with Nashville’s three strike rule. Three confirmed permit violations -- such as a validated noise complaint -- and a property’s STR permit can be revoked.

“We have had multiple instances where NoiseAware saved us,” said Paul. “We’ve received the instant notification that the noise level is exceeding our threshold and then we reach out to the guests directly to check in. Sometimes it just takes a text message to remind them of quiet hours and sometimes an additional phone call. Since we are able to remotely confirm that the noise levels do go down on the dashboard, we no longer worry about the neighbors the way we used to. The neighbors are no longer our noise monitors!”

We loved meeting Amy and Paul and their small team on the ground in Nashville. They bring good ol’ southern hospitality to their guests and a “follow the rules” style to operating their business.


Thank you Amy and Paul, we are happy to have you as part of the NoiseAware family!

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