Customer Success Story: Guestable

admin 03/27/2018

Why We Use NoiseAware

A few years ago when we started Guestable, our goal was to create a full-service property management and optimization company that allows individual homeowners and investors to benefit from the thriving short-term rental market. After several months in business, we finally got some big breaks, and our growth started to pick up as we generated interest from property owners in our first market and soon after their friends and family.

We quickly got more and more properties and began to experience everything a short-term rental manager could encounter. While the vast majority of our work had positive energy to it, there are always critical moments that require us to think and act quickly. There was a New Years Eve early on when one of our clients gave us a call around 8 pm and said his neighbor was complaining to him about the music levels. Regardless of what day of the year or time of day it is, we believe that as part of the short-term rental community it’s our job to ensure the neighborhoods we operate in aren’t disrupted in any capacity.

When we went over to the place, the music didn’t seem too loud, but the neighbor explained how he had a young daughter, and she needed to get to bed early. This made sense to us, so we kindly explained the situation to the Airbnb guests, and they agreed to turn the music down. We gave the neighbor our number and told him he could call us anytime. He ended up calling us two more times that night, and when we contacted the group they told us the music levels were as low as when we left, but they were still willing to lower it.

That night wasn’t a typical situation, and sometimes you can’t please everyone. But it got us thinking that as our company continues to grow, we need a much better way to track noise levels for these circumstances. After searching the internet to see what our options were, we discovered NoiseAware and haven’t looked back.

We couldn’t believe that there was a product focused on allowing short-term rental management companies like ours to track noise levels. The fact that the technology pro-actively notifies us when the noise has moved above a certain decibel threshold made it even better. Because we’ve gotten so good at guest screening, it’s not too often we get noise alerts. When we do, because of the NoiseAware notifications we’re able to contact the guests and mitigate an excessive noise situation before it occurs. Guests won’t even realize they are loud and that’s exactly what makes NoiseAware so powerful.

We’ve become such advocates for the technology that we even introduced several of our major competitors to use the product. Some might wonder why, given that using noise detection technology can be a competitive advantage for us when selling to owners. It’s really simple actually. Being a part of the short-term rental community, any disruption caused by guests can be seen as a reflection of the industry as a whole. As municipalities in all of our current and future markets start to accept short-term rentals as an alternative form of accommodation, the onus is on us as operators to act responsibly and put the needs of the neighborhood first.

At the end of the day, NoiseAware gives us and our clients peace of mind. We love that their team is so committed to implementing client feedback and continuously enhancing the product. We are excited to be a part of the future of short-term rentals and its companies like NoiseAware that make it all possible.

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