How to deal with Troublesome Travelers

rocky 12/04/2019

If vacation rental owners would have to list out their biggest fears, bad guests, parties, and thousands of dollars in damage would probably be right at the top of their lists. Question is, how can you spot these bad guests?

A lot of the time, people aren't who they appear to be at first. We like to call them “Troublesome Travelers”. They are people that you might not identify as a potential risk for your property when you get the booking request. Later on, you might learn that they were indeed an actual threat to your vacation rental business.

Let's see how Troublesome Travelers could look like, what scenarios could develop from their stays, and what you can do as a property owner.

Golf Dads:

You think that these dads are coming to have a quiet weekend with their friends, but what you didn't know was how hard they can still party. When these fifty-year-old men get together, they start to act as if they were still in their college years, but with better booze. The more they drink, the louder they get, which is a combination bound for trouble.

Golf Dads who are high risk are pretty much undetectable when going through the booking process. You wouldn't know that they are high risk for being loud during quiet hours or that they are probably not going to pay attention to how loud the noise is getting. If you don't know how you would handle the Golf Dads when an alert goes off, we provided a scenario on a typical situation with these types of customers and how to manage them.


While drinking their expensive booze and smoking cigars on the back patio, things start to escalate. They begin to talk and laugh louder, disturbing your neighbors who have to get up early for work tomorrow. They might not realize how loud they have become and will continue to get louder and heated about subjects like politics or sports. They aren't intentionally being disrespectful and probably aren't thinking about their volume.


Once you receive a Noise Alert from your Outdoor Noise Monitoring Sensor, you can politely message the person who booked your property and ask for them to please quiet down a little or if they want to move inside, then they don't have to worry about the traveling noise. They will most likely apologize since they didn't realize that they were disturbing your neighbors.

Family Drama:

You have a large listing that is meant to sleep, 12 people. Families that rent your property out for family reunions or the holidays insist that they are going to be no trouble at all during their stay. Since they have little kids, they assure you that there will be no major partying. Little do you know, the toddlers won't be your biggest problem in this family.

Family Drama parties usually have all different types of personalities that don't mix well when confined into one house. Sometimes too much family time will turn into a bad thing, and we want you to be able to handle the situations when they arise. Here is a basic scenario that applies to most families.


The family rented out your listing for 12 people, but in reality, they are bringing three more kids, making it a total of 15 people. Having everyone crammed into rooms that aren't meant to sleep that many, is going to cause tensions with the family really fast. With 15 people staying at your property, they need transportation, right? So their five cars are parked on the street the whole stay, not leaving a lot of room for neighbors to park their cars. Once the family gets settled in, Uncle Bill is out back drinking, being loud, and causing havoc. Aunt Kim and Aunt Susan are taking the stress off with a glass (or bottle) of wine on the balcony while gossiping about people in the family. The kids are running around screaming while all unsupervised, leaving them to get into things they should have. This is just the beginning of their stay; if you don't squash these situations right away, you are going to have a lot of neighbor complaints.


Once you are made aware of the noise levels with either your Indoor or Outdoor Noise Monitoring Sensors, you can send the family a message about their noise volume and that they need to make sure when they are outside that they are respectful of their neighbors. This will usually make the family aware of the problem and help control the situations better. If you keep getting alerts, you can message them again to remind them of your noise policy that specifies what is acceptable. If that doesn't help (which majority of the time it does), then you can take the necessary precautions before you get in a mess with the neighbors or the police.

Mr. & Mrs. Popular:

These people are the nice looking couple that you wouldn't expect to cause chaos, but then again, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. They say that they are renting out the property for a quiet getaway together where they can unwind from their jobs. They will unwind, but it will be with excessive partying until 2 AM instead of a nice dinner and movies.

Mr. & Mrs. Popular will end up inviting people over to party at their rental. When going through the vetting process, they can be undetectable, since not every couple is trying to have a party secretly. People like this will be less likely to pay attention to the noise levels since they will be dancing and drinking with everyone in the living room.


Mr. and Mrs. Popular told their ten closest friends about the cool place they are staying at and that they should come over to hang out. Those ten friends ask to bring more people, and before you know it, there is a full blow rager going on at your property. This is most commonly seen at New Years' or other celebratory holidays/birthdays. Your neighbors are hearing everything go down and are not happy with you for renting out your property to parties. Since Mr. and Mrs. Popular wants everyone to have a good time, they won't be paying attention to the noise volumes. The louder the party, the more fun people are having, so they don't want to stop anytime soon.


Once you receive a Noise Alert, you should try to kindly tell Mr. & Mrs. Popular that they need to quiet down. They are going to want their friends to have a great time while also not having to worry about being embarrassed if the police or property managers show up. So the first text should solve the noise problem, but make sure to keep an eye on that property because things can get rowdy later on in the night.

Spring Breakers:

The college students are busy with their exams, so their loving mothers are booking their trips for them, including your property. Mom might not know that instead of bringing the number of people, they told her initially just doubled. She also won't know that most of her children's friends will disregard the house rules and invited even more people over to party at your property.
Spring Breakers can be somewhat difficult to spot when parents are booking the properties. Once you get these types of guests, expect the probability of having damages to the house be extraordinarily high and the noise awareness to be very low. They just got done with their exams, so they want to party for the whole week!


It's the first day for the Spring Breakers, and they are wanting to get straight to celebrating after exams and traveling. What is the first thing they do? Text, all of their friends, to come over that night to party. Their parties can last all night based on the excitement of finally getting a break. The longer it goes, the more people that come, and the more damages occur to your home. Think about all of the crazy things you did on your spring breaks in college! Each day you let this continue your furniture breaks a little more, and each day your neighbor's patience runs thinner.


If a quick message doesn't solve the problem in a reasonable amount of time, you may want to take more forceful action to keep community relations peaceful and so that your property doesn't get overly damaged. There can be a lot of drunk college students that can be difficult to deal with. You want to try to sound as pleasant as possible, while still spelling out the house rules. Hopefully, they learn after the first night that they can't get away with anything and will decide to have the party at a different location.

There are so many different types of Troublesome Travelers that you can get past the vetting process and book a stay at one of your properties. Being prepared with ideas on how to handle certain situations will make it a lot easier when confronted with a problem. By having NoiseAware sensors installed within your properties, it allows you to take care of the situation before it ever gets out of hand. Our Sensors will alert you when something suspicious is occurring at the property, allowing you to check noise levels to see if any actions need to be taken. No one wants to panic when they have Troublesome Travelers at the properties, do you? Having set responses for dealing with the different categories of people will make it easy to deescalate the problem, leaving both you and your guests happy.

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