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madison 07/23/2019


You may have heard that NoiseAware and have officially partnered to provide vacation rental owners and managers who list their property with the ability to utilize NoiseAware's smart home technology. By simply creating a new property listing with, you'll receive a NoiseAware Indoor Noise Sensor and six months free monitoring service to help reduce noise complaints and provider you with peace of mind*. (* Offer has expired)

Killer deal right?! So, how do you get started? We've made it simple and outlined the entire process for listing your property.

First things first, start by clicking here.

Once you've created your account and login, you'll start entering in the details of the property you're listing.


You'll start off by selecting your property type. Is it an apartment? A home? A hotel or B&B? Or something that's alternative? For the sake of this exercise, we are going to act as though we are listing a home.


Next, you'll select whether the guests can book the entire property or if it's a shared unit.


Then choose a property category that is most similar to your listing. Don't see your property type? Don't worry. Click the hyperlink below the property types to get assistance from


Next, select whether you're listing a single property that falls under the previous category selected, or if you're listing multiple properties.


Confirm that everything looks correct and if not, go back and make edits. If everything looks correct - awesome. Let's move onto the next step.


Is your property already listed on any of the following websites? If so, check all that apply. From there you'll begin listing your property's "Basic Info".


Basic Info includes the name of your property, contact details, your property's location and a few other quick questions.


Next up is the property layout and pricing. This is where you start to list out the details of your property that most guests pay attention to. Things such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of each, how many beds, and more. You’ll also decide how much you want to earn per night here.


Once you’ve listed out your property’s amenities, you’ll be prompted to upload property photos. You’ll want to make sure your photos are high-resolution as these will be what are displayed to potential guests.

Don't worry - you're almost done! From here you'll select whether or not you use a channel manager or if you list your property on other sites like HomeAway or Airbnb. You'll also select what dates you want your property to be available for guests to book.


From there, you'll review all of your property's info and if everything looks correct - that's all. You're done!! will review your listing and email you your unique promo code to claim your free NoiseAware Indoor Noise Sensor and six months free monitoring subscription.

Pretty easy, huh?

Click here to take advantage of this $249 value - yours free!

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