Industry Spotlight: Vacayrx

admin 03/29/2018

Do you frequently host short-term vacation rentals on the web?

Have you ever wanted “more” out of these sites?

Such as...more transparency in how business is transacted?

Or are just you tired of fee after fee after endless variable fee just for booking or hosting a room?

If so, Vacayrx is your new prescription.

Founded in 2016, Vacayrx is an alternative platform for the vacation rental industry. The Vacayrx platform focuses on greater transparency, lower guest costs, and higher host earnings.

What else separates Vacayrx from similar players in its space? Read on and find out.

Substantial fee earnings

Vacayrx’s main mission is to give hosts the ability to earn more money from their listing. This is done by a simple flat fee.

Instead of percentage-based fees to list on the platform, Vacayrx has a flat-annual price point which typically allows its property owners/managers to earn a return on their investment after 1-2 bookings!

If you are the person who frequently lists their home for rent on a service such as Airbnb, using Vacayrx can help you save thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Greater marketing of your listing

If you are a person who frequently lists their home on a service like Airbnb, you may find that you’re on your own with no support.

Vacayrx offers you support to help you market your listing to potential guests.

Have no time to build a custom listing? Don’t worry, the Vacayrx platform will help you create a new listing from scratch. Vacayrx can use pre-existing listing information and build a new listing around that.

The company also offers targeted email outreach to help stimulate new businesses and give Google the permission to allow your listings to show up in search engines.

Another cool feature is the potential to include 3D tours of your listing. Whatever way you want to make your listing stand out, Vacayrx is all for it.

Increased screening of guests

Want more ways to screen guests? Vacayrx allows you consistent and transparent communications with your guests in 3 different ways - direct chat, email messaging, and even phone.

All of these methods are included on all of Vacayrx’s listings. Deeper screening measures mean you can determine who exactly is staying in your home before you extend an offer.

What about guests?

You can’t have a vacation rental platform without the guests! If you’re a guest, don’t worry. Vacayrx is a great alternative for you to book your newest getaway.

Since hosts don’t have to compensate for percentage-based fees, you will be paying a lower price for a listing than you would on other platforms. The flat fee is $25, the lowest in the vacation rental industry.

You won’t be walking into any surprises, either. Vacayrx’s platform offers immersive tours into a rental property, allowing to you see exactly where you’ll be staying beforehand.

Are you a bit skittish about letting trusting your personal payment information to be handled by a platform? Vacayrx never processes any credit card information and instead allows it to be handled by third parties such as Stripe and Paypal.

Best of all, if you refer your friends to Vacayrx, you’ll get referral rewards or even waived booking fees!

A transparent alternative

Vacayrx is a new addition to the “sharing economy” - and it’s an amazing addition. The platform offers an incredible level of transparency and incentives to get people on board.

With flat fees, a greater level of host to guest interaction, secure payment methods, and increased listing marketing, it’s clear that Vacayrx is a very viable alternative to the many vacation rental services on the market.

We’re looking forward to seeing great things come from this small startup in the coming years as more people hear about their awesome platform.

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