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Save time, increase revenue, and deliver a great hospitality experience – the tablet designed for your vacation rental properties or serviced apartments. It’s just over a year since they launched and they have more than 3,000 tablets in 30 countries.


When you subscribe, you receive an 8 inch tablet, pre-loaded with YourWelcome’s custom hospitality software. There’s no need to download any other apps – YourWelcome has all the features your guests will need, straight out of the box:

  • Videos & written property guides to explain your home’s features and appliances - cutting down the time you spend responding to queries from guests

  • Make more money from each booking by up-selling products & services to guests - from late checkouts to frozen pizza, – there’s a built-in e-commerce platform, and they’ve partnered with a number of on-demand service providers.

  • Drive repeat bookings by capturing valuable contact information from guests using the customisable check-in form, then introduce yourself with a short welcome video

  • New: Multi-language support - your guests can now choose which language they want to browse in. All of the content on the device is automatically translated.

We caught up with John Bower, YourWelcome’s Chief Product Officer, to find out about some new features that are just around the corner.

“Whether you run one vacation rental property, or one hundred - the operational problems are the same,” John explained.

“We have designed the YourWelcome tablet to help you spend less time focussing on the boring stuff - answering the same repetitive questions from guests, or worrying whether they have checked-in - and more time on making sure they’re having a good time.

“We’ve just partnered with HomeAway and are will be syncing to their bookings calendar - your tablets will know who your guests are before they even get there! The new screensaver will give your guests access to useful information (like the weather) and remind them about when to check out, or when to take out the bins.


“There’s a lot of exciting things on the horizon - make sure you follow us on facebook!”

The best bit? NoiseAware readers get 20% off the lifetime of their subscription - simply enter the code ‘noiseaware’ at the checkout to claim your money off.

Check out YourWelcome! It’s the guest experience add-on everyone is talking about!

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