It's Here: NoiseAware's New Mobile App & Dashboard

madison 12/07/2018

Get ready. Our NEW mobile app and dashboard launch next week, Tuesday, December 11th! All current customers will get additional updates prior to launch next week.

Our dashboard provides you with intelligent insights on all of your properties. We have put the power in your hands! Now you can be protected from any noise issue no matter the property, sensitivity or location.


NEW Mobile App

With a new dashboard comes a mobile app. Our mobile app provides you with instant awareness of what's happening at your property, alerts you only when there is a problem and helps you reach out to your guests. Peace of mind is in your pocket.

Guest Messaging

Receive a noise alert and need to reach out to your guests? Now you're able to send them a text straight from the dashboard. Everything is in one place.


Custom Quiet Hours

Ever wanted to customize your quiet hours on an hour-per-hour basis? Now your quiet hours at 8 PM on a Friday can be different than your quiet hours at 2:30 AM on a Tuesday. Ever wanted different sensors to have varying quiet hours? DONE.


With a handful of integrations in the pipeline, we're excited to announce that our first will be Guesty.

Want to get the full experience on our NEW Mobile App & Dashboard?! Preorder your Indoor & Outdoor Sensors today!

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