Life Hack of the Week: Web Browser Turned App

admin 04/21/2017


Do you want to easily be able to check on the Noise Risk Score at your property(s) while on the go? You’re in luck. There’s an iPhone app for that! Well, sort of. Our customer success manager came up with the perfect “life hack” to make your lives that much easier!! Below is an easy to follow guide on how to get the NoiseAware “app”.


First, open your phone’s browser and go to Once on the NoiseAware login page, click the 3rd icon in the center of the bottom of your screen. From there, scroll through the options until you see the icon displaying a plus sign and reads “Add to Home Screen” and click it.

EASY AS THAT! Now you’ll have instant access to the page from the homepage of your iPhone. No need to open up your browser and type in the webpage. Just click the “app”!

Looking to add more life hacks to your day? Learn how you can add some to your properties!

We are all about making your life easier!

*iPhone compatible only.

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