Making Guests Feel at Home During the Holidays

admin 12/19/2017

‘Tis the season to be...a great short term rental host? To be honest, there’s no real season for that, hospitality is appreciated year ‘round. However, considering that the holidays are upon us, there’s a good chance that you’re feeling a bit more “festive” than usual. Why not extend some of that festive hospitality to your guests?

Travel can be an exhausting and isolating experience. Some of your guests may be far away from home and missing their families during this time.

The holiday season is a massive opportunity to not only “wow” your guests and practice your hospitality, but it’s also a time to ensure you’ll be booked solid, if you play your cards right.

You may be a “holiday grouch” of sorts and not participate in holidays.

Fair enough, but realize this: every spare bit of hospitality that you extend to your guests gets you closer to that state of being a Short Term Rental Superhost.

The benefits of being a Short Term Rental Superhost are many but here are some:

  • Guest can specifically narrow down to Superhosts via search filter
  • Superhost badge on profile letting guests know you’re a great choice to book
  • $100 dollar travel coupon to use on your own trip

Being a Short Term Rental Superhost also means that you’ll be more likely to fill up your rooms faster and with less stress.

Are you on board now?

These are the top things that you should do this season to get your short term rental ready for the holidays.

Make Provisions Ahead of Time
A good way to prep your home for the holidays is to:

  • Communicate with the guests ahead of time
  • Provide a baseline experience

When you communicate with your guests, you can ask them if they have any particular holiday practices they like to participate in while at home.

Guests will appreciate this because it shows that your care and that you have their well-being in mind.

For example, if the person you communicate with says that they’re Jewish and the celebrate Hanukkah, you can go out to the store and buy some Hanukkah decorations. Even if someone doesn’t celebrate one of the major holidays, you can still dress up your house with holiday lights to get people in the mood.

Here’s some places where you can buy themed decorations for each of the major holidays:

Customize the short term rental Holiday Experience
Using the decorations you got from the links above, you should customize it according to the person’s holiday preferences. Using our example from above, typical Hanukkah decorations would include a dreidel, a Star of David, a menorah, and some mock gift boxes.

If you really want to go all out, buy themed dinnerware and tabletop accessories (mats, table dressings, etc).

If you do this, your guest will be sure to be wowed by the experience. That means a glowing review for you and one step closer to coveted Superhost status (yes)!


Another simple way to take your listing to the next level during the holidays, and even year round, is to use GuestBox! GuestBox curates amenities for hosts to welcome their guests and arrives at your front door, making a five star hosting experience that much easier. Each box comes with luxury items, a combination of toiletries, skincare items and snacks. All the products are natural, organic, healthy and welcoming. GuestBox will even add a custom note in the box, making the experience much more personal. Imagine walking into a rental and being greeted by a holiday gift!

For a limited time, NoiseAware readers and customers can get their first GuestBox at a 50% discount. That is just $25 including shipping for a GuestBox valued at over $200!


The holiday season offers a unique opportunity and a stellar time to be the absolutely best host you can be.

If you follow the steps outlined here and make your guests even more welcome, you can only gain. Even if you’re spending money that you wouldn’t normally spend, you’re creating a real and human experience by taking the time to acknowledge someone’s preferences.

After all, giving is receiving, especially at this time of year.

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