Maximize Revenue For Your Short Term Rental Property With AVVAY

admin 07/23/2018

As a short-term rental owner or manager, you are likely always keeping your eyes and ears open for ways to maximize the revenue potential of your space. This is, of course, most often accomplished by simply listing with Airbnb as well as other overnight rental platforms such as VRBO and HomeAway. But what if you could make your nightly rate by renting your space out for only a few hours? And still, have it available for overnight rental that same day? Introducing

AVVAY opens up fresh revenue potential for short-term rental and other property owners and managers to rent their spaces out by the hour for creative projects and events.

In case you don't already know, AVVAY works by letting space owners list their unique properties for photographers, YouTubers, bloggers, and other content creators to rent by the hour for their projects and events (i.e. photo shoots and meetups).

AVVAY rental properties make an average of $90/hour

booking the time in between their overnight reservations for content creation and events.

Connect your Airbnb, VRBO, and other external calendars

to your AVVAY listings and automatically update their availability.

Good news right? What if I also told you that short-term rental properties are already some of the best performing spaces on AVVAY? Oh... and it's free to list. Once you are listed, you simply accept the requests that make sense for you and your space and decline the ones that don't. Plus, AVVAY only takes a 15% fee on confirmed reservations, meaning we only make money when we bring you new business.

You can learn more at, also feel free to list your property now!

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