My First Short Term Rental Experience

admin 04/26/2017

A personal story from Madison, Community & Marketing Manager at NoiseAware.

Pat and I - Coachella.jpg

Patrick and Madison at the Coachella Valley Party

Before I begin my story, I need to share a little about myself. My entire life I have DESPISED hotels. When packing for every trip I’ve ever been on, I’ve made room in my luggage for my own blanket and pillow. No matter the hotel, 3 or 5 star, I have always practiced the same ritual of NEVER sleeping under the covers. I’d only wear long sleeve pajamas with pants and build a pallet on top of the bed.

Weird, I know, but sleeping in a bed other than my own has always been a fear of mine.

Fast forward to a month ago when I started working at NoiseAware. I remember thinking to myself about the irony that I’m working within the short-term rental industry, having never stayed at one, and quite frankly, I wasn’t even sure I’d enjoy staying at a home that at times is someone else's. When advocating for the industry I wondered, am I even qualified to do so?

Two weeks ago, I was presented with the opportunity to travel to Coachella Valley for NoiseAware in order to monitor the noise at a super exclusive Coachella party. Being a music lover and an avid traveler, this was one awesome opportunity!

And fun fact: the NoiseAware team advocates staying in short term rentals so our business trip was booked as well as our short term rental in the area near Coachella. Here I was heading out to stay in my FIRST short term rental.

I knew I had to pack light, and my usual “kit for hotels” (personal pillow and blanket) was not going to be an option.

So, I boarded the plane full of excitement and joy, yet in the back of my mind was the fear and anxiety that I would be getting zero sleep. And that I would hate living in a stranger’s home for 4 nights.

Due to the high prices STRs were asking for in and around Coachella Valley, we opted to stay in the small town of Joshua Tree, and let me tell you, during our drive in, it was an absolute culture shock. Growing up in Orange County and now living in Dallas, I’ve never spent much time in small towns. So my mind began to race and I remember dreading the place before even arriving.

Once we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. The place was clean, even up to my standards and our host went out of his way to provide us with an abundance of information! I truly felt more at home even being away from home.

The true test though, was the bedroom.


My bright pink and purple room - feeling the Coachella vibes and COMFY beds!!

And ladies and gentlemen, I SLEPT UNDER THE COVERS! While this is a norm for most, this speaks volumes about my experience with staying at a short term rental. It was quite possibly the best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time and the place really felt like home.

All of the beds were tempurpedics and the sheets felt freshly washed, something that hotel beds, in my opinion, lack. This short-term rental was without a doubt the greatest home away from home.

So, sitting here today, working for NoiseAware, I feel more than confident that I can advocate for the short-term rental industry, and feel proud doing so!

This trip was so eye-opening to me on the rich travel experience a short term rental provides.

When given the opportunity, I will continue to stay at short term rentals rather than hotels. The comfort and the experience alone made me realize that the problem wasn’t my anxiety, rather it was hotels and the feeling that was missing from that experience.

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