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NoiseAware Indoor Sensor Setup

NoiseAware Indoor Sensor Set-Up



Welcome to NoiseAware, The Smoke Detector for Noise. In this video, we’ll walk through how to set up your NoiseAware Indoor Sensor.

We’ll pick a location, install the Sensor, and use your phone to pair it with your NoiseAware Dashboard.

If you haven’t already installed our NoiseAware Mobile app, download it now in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Let’s begin by picking a location.

In the Activity Zone (a place people tend to congregate) you wish to monitor.

Find an outlet with a line of sight to where noise might be centered.

For best performance, keep your Indoor Sensor within 75 feet of your wireless router.

Let’s now install your Indoor Sensor.

In the box, you’ll find our Sensor and two screws. You’ll also need a flat-head screwdriver for installation.

Start by unscrewing your outlet cover. With the cover still in place, plug in your Indoor Sensor in the uppermost available outlet.

Then replace the screw through the bottom mounting hole in our sensor. If you need a longer screw, use the one provided in the box.

Now that your sensor is secure and Tamper-Proof, check to see if the indicator light behind your sensor begins blinking. This means your Indoor Sensor is ready for setup. Otherwise, it might need to be reset.

Our Sensor also works with Decora-style outlets.

Remove the top screw on the outlet cover, place your Sensor in the top outlet, and replace the screw through the center hole in our Sensor.

When performing the installation, set up only one Sensor at a time.

Avoid loud appliances like TV speakers.

And make sure to securely screw-in your Sensors to receive accurate Tamper Alerts through our app. That means you’ll need a real outlet. No power-strips.

Also, be sure not to install your Sensor in an outlet controlled by a switch or any GFCI outlets (anti-shock outlets) which could lose power.

Now let’s finish the sensor setup with your phone.

Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned ON and that the light on the Indoor Sensor is slowly blinking.

Open the NoiseAware Mobile App. Login, and select the menu icon in the top left corner.

Then select “Setup Sensor.”


Choose “Indoor Sensor” and begin setup.

We’ve already plugged in our sensor, so we’re ready to tap “Next.”

Let’s now add a property.

Tap the dropdown menu and select “Done” to reveal the “Add property” option.


Input some basic information about your property. Select the property type and enter your square footage and maximum occupancy for our automatic thresholds to adjust to your property.

Swipe down and select “Save Property.”

Now we’ll return to our setup.

In the properties list, we’ll select our new property and then give our sensor a name.

When you’re ready, tap “Next” and our sensor should pop up right away. Select “Connect to Sensor” Then tap “Next” to move forward.


We’ll now choose your WiFi network. If your Indoor Sensor is within range of your router, the network strength should read “Strong.”

Select your network, carefully enter the passcode, and when you’re all done you can save the WiFi credentials to the property in your NoiseAware Dashboard if you wish.


Lastly, take a photo to upload to your NoiseAware Dashboard.

Press the big red button, and select “Camera”. Then take a photo of your sensor within the surrounding Activity Zone.

Tap “Done”, and you’re all ready to start monitoring!


Have any questions?

Contact or go to the NoiseAware website to chat with someone on the sales team.

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