NoiseAware Launches in Miami

admin 12/13/2017

NoiseAware launches in Miami this week working with multiple property managers to discuss ways to solve noise issues as well as working to prevent issues from ever happening at their properties.

It’s exciting to see all the managers and hosts who are taking action in ensuring that their properties are responsibly rented in their communities by preventing problems from ever happening.

Rent Responsibly, NoiseAware’s short-term rental advocacy group is also launching in Miami-Dade County today. As a team, NoiseAware always found it important to be involved in advocacy and regulation discussions. We are on a mission to help cities understand how to implement reasonable regulation and keep short-term rentals alive. Rent Responsibly is a campaign for all within the industry to educate, advocate, and celebrate the positive impacts of short-term rentals.

Rent Responsibly’s team has spent months studying the current state of cities across the nation when it comes to short-term regulation and has internally been debating where to kick-off it’s launch. It’s hard to ignore what’s going on in Miami-Dade county, whether it be the $20,000 fines Miami Beach is issuing out or the lawsuits.

“We expect to see a great response from hosts and managers alike in Miami-Dade County,” says Rent Responsibly Campaign Leader Madison Perry. “So often people within the short-term rental industry are made to feel like criminals, and we are there to celebrate these individuals and prove to the community that fair regulation is possible!”

Miami and Miami beach have over 13,000 active listings according to AirDNA. We’re excited to meet and work with a lot of the managers and hosts in Miami!

The highlight of our launch will be a Holiday Happy Hour Thursday night at Segafredo Brickell. Anyone within the short-term rental community looking to learn more about Rent Responsibly and network with others in the industry is invited to join! Click here to learn more and RSVP. The team hopes to see you there!!

Want to learn more about Regulation in Miami? View our Miami Learn Page to navigate the current rental regulations!

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