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NoiseAware Outdoor Sensor Setup

NoiseAware Outdoor Sensor Setup



Let's walk through how to set up your NoiseAware Outdoor Sensor.

We'll start by pulling the battery tab, picking a location, mounting our Outdoor Sensor, and then using the NoiseAware Mobile App to pair your Outdoor Sensor with your NoiseAware account.

To complete this setup, an Indoor Sensor must already be installed.

In the box, you'll find our Outdoor Sensor with batteries inside, an adhesive mounting pad, and a wood screw.

Let's start by pulling the battery tab.

Unscrew the top of your Outdoor Sensor and remove the plastic tab.


Be sure to look for the blinking light which shows your Sensor is now ON.

Your Outdoor Sensor needs a few minutes to make a connection with your property's Indoor Sensor. Set a timer and wait 5 minutes before continuing the setup process.

While you wait, make a note of the Sensor’s unique serial number. You’ll need to be able to identify it later.

Now that we’ve waited 5 minutes, pick a location for your Sensor in the Activity Zone you want to monitor.

Be sure to avoid loud appliances like blenders, mixers etc . Also, avoid direct sunlight and any leaves or bushes that might make noise in the wind.

For best performance, keep your Outdoor Sensor within 120 feet of your Indoor Sensor.

Now you’re ready to mount your Sensor.

  • Re-assemble the Sensor and use the included adhesive mounting pad to place the sensor above the area you wish to monitor.
  • Apply firm pressure evenly for 15-30 seconds.


Last, let’s use an Android or Apple iPhone to finish setting up your Outdoor Sensor.

  • In the NoiseAware Mobile App, begin setup by selecting the menu icon in the top left corner and then select “Setup Sensor”.
  • Select "Outdoor Sensor" and begin setup. You’ve already removed the battery tab and waited 5 minutes, so tap “Next”.
  • After you choose your property, Outdoor Sensors located at the property will appear in the drop-down menu under "Serial Number". If you’ve waited for 5 minutes, your Sensor should be listed. Select it, and give it a name.


  • When you’re ready, tap “Next,” and if you’ve already mounted your Sensor, tap “Next” again.

Finally, take a photo of your Sensor to go on your NoiseAware Dashboard by pressing the red button.

When you’re all done, you’re ready to start monitoring!

Have any questions? Contact or go to the NoiseAware website to chat with someone on the sales team.

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