NoiseAware takes over RezFest 2016

admin 10/05/2016

NoiseAware at RezFest 2016: Insights from the Noise Level History

The NoiseAware team launched our innovative noise monitoring service at Rezfest 2016, HomeAway’s premier technology and networking conference in the vacation rental industry for professional vacation rental managers. We knew our customers wanted to see this revolutionary service in action so we installed a few of our sensors in the exhibit hall to demonstrate how NoiseAware can remotely provide guest stay insights without invading guests’ privacy.

So what did we find!?

Day 1: Vacation Rental Managers know how to party!

There’s no better way to test a party sensor than to throw a party and watch the data. HomeAway’s opening reception provided the perfect opportunity. With two NoiseAware sensors installed around the event space, we were able to gather data that showed what anyone attending the event could have told you: it was very loud!


Looking at the NoiseAware graphs, you can clearly see that the party was rocking and rolling when HomeAway executives welcomed attendees around 7:20pm. The party kept going until the revelry hit peak noise level around 9:00pm. We had a big day ahead of us so we called it a night at 11:30pm but the party was still alive even then.


*Note: The two different colors represent two sensors that were placed in the large hotel lobby where most of the the opening reception was held.

Day 2: Conference Traffic insights through Noise Level History

On Day 2, we decided to equip the exhibit hall with four NoiseAware sensors. The sensors were spread up along the length of the space. From 10:00 - 10:30am conference-goers were shuffling out of the breakfast area and visiting the booths in our hallway. NoiseAware sensors collected noise level data which, when viewed on the NoiseAware dashboard graph, allows you to visualize the noise level history in the exhibit hall.

What does this tell us? This graph tells us the history of when the exhibit hall was crammed with people and when it was relatively vacant. Notice that the noise level was significantly reduced between 10:40 - 11:40am.

Well, that was because everyone had gathered in the ballroom to listen to the opening remarks! And guess why the noise levels were elevated between 11:40am and 1:00pm? LUNCH!


Why is this important? When installed in short term and vacation rental homes, NoiseAware can provide these insights in real time. Furthermore, NoiseAware users can set their noise sensitivity threshold (see the horizontal line?) which, in this image, was set to the maximum allowable level. When and if the noise levels breach the threshold, as it did at 10:10am, 11:40am, and 12:40pm, NoiseAware sends you a noise alert via text and/or email. If you had a hundred people making as much noise at your property as RezFest guests did during lunch, you would want to know right away too!

Survey: Managers Dealing With Noise Issues Are Not Alone!

We conducted a survey at Rezfest to find out if vacation rental managers have had noise complaints or issues at their properties. From those that responded to our survey, we found that

TWO out of THREE managers have had a noise issue or complaint at their vacation rental property in the last year!


We had a blast at Rezfest and are excited to have a new family of customers who are protecting their properties with NoiseAware!

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