Planning a Stress Free Vacation on a Budget

admin 03/21/2018

You’re ready for a quick trip to reset your mind and take a break from work, but your time and budget are limited. You might ask yourself whether you can afford it and if the stress of planning a vacation is even worth it. The answer is yes!

A vacation is a time to reinvigorate, replenish your energy, and experience the world, but the stresses of planning can actually deter people from making that reservation or taking the leap. Don’t let that happen. Consider these tips on planning a stress-free vacation on a budget.

Leave Things Settled at Home


The last thing you want is to get a call or stress out about something at work, while you’re on the beach drinking a cold margarita. Before you leave work, make sure you talk to a colleague and have them help you cover the loose ends. Forbes magazines suggests letting people know you’re leaving and establishing some ground rules on when it’s appropriate to contact you.

Home Security

Another common stressor for vacation goers is making sure your home is safe, and that it’s not a target for burglaries or other damages. The New York Times reports that taking simple precautions can save you hundreds of dollars in damage. Remember to lock all doors and windows and to leave a few decoy lights on. Also, look into installing a home security system as a safeguard for intruders. With today’s advanced technology, there are many options on home security that are convenient and hassle free.

Plan Ahead

If you have limited time, one of the things you can do to maximize your dollar is plan ahead and make reservations early. When booking your flight, begin checking websites early and continue to check regularly as soon as you know your possible departure dates. The day of the week you can travel can make a big difference, sometimes saving up to $200 dollars. When looking for accommodations, the earlier you can book your apartment or house rental, the better. This is especially true during the high vacation season. Also when planning your trip, always be conscious of holidays and weather. Whichever type of climate your vacation spot has, you’re going to want to pack accordingly.

Think About Activities

Consider the kind of vacation you’re looking for and research available activities and potential costs. Are you looking to do outdoor adventures like hiking? Do you plan on visiting a beach? Are you going to hit the museums and historical sites? This will also help you pack the right clothes and gear so you don’t have to buy anything last minute.

The Huffington Post writes that going from a packed and stressed schedule can take a little time to wind down from. Suddenly finding yourself with little to do can actually stress you out, so even giving yourself a loose structure of activities will help you ease into relaxation mode.

Write Down a Budget

Once you know what you want to do, write down your available budget and factor in known expenses. Give yourself an allotted amount for your preferred activities. Of course, not everything in a vacation is predictable. Chances are there will be changes and delays. It’s always a good idea to set aside some cash for unexpected costs.

Plan Food Options

Food expenses are often a big chunk of vacation spending. If traveling on a budget, consider limiting your dining out. Plan trips to a grocery store to have easy snacks and fight off cravings for fast food or restaurants for every meal.

Don’t let your schedule and budget stop you from taking your well-earned time off. Studies have shown that taking time off helps the brain and helps productivity at work. Remember that you can’t control everything, but taking a few steps will help relieve the stresses of planning. Talk to your coworkers, ensure your home’s safety, and plan ahead. You’ll return with a fresh outlook on life!

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