Proactively Addressing Vacation Rental Noise Issues in Palm Springs

admin 04/03/2017

PALM SPRINGS, CA – March 2017 – The Vacation Rental Tourism Association (VRTA) has partnered with technology company NoiseAware to install an initial test of 50 NoiseAware noise detection systems at vacation rental homes throughout Palm Springs. NoiseAware has developed an innovative smart home service that detects noise disturbances through non-invasive decibel monitoring—much like a smoke alarm detects the presence of fire through monitoring for smoke. With the system installed, owners or property managers can receive a notification when noise levels exceed a threshold that might disturb neighboring residents.

“Protecting the character and quiet enjoyment of our neighborhoods is essential to everyone,” says current Vacation Rental Tourism Association President, Mike Flannery. “That community character is what attracts responsible visitors to Palm Springs vacation rentals in the first place.”

The VRTA and NoiseAware designed the pilot program to reduce the number of noise related issues neighbors experience. With NoiseAware, an owner or manager is able to receive a Noise Alert and proactively reach out to renters about noise levels coming from the home or the backyard 24/7. Since NoiseAware does not record content, renter’s privacy is protected. The breakthrough technology enables a preventative approach to managing potentially disruptive situations. The VRTA believes this will make a big difference in the community.

“NoiseAware was built on a win-win-win concept: less noise disturbances benefit neighbors, owners and managers, and the renters who appreciate being kept out of trouble,” said David Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder of NoiseAware. “Our primary goal is to give neighbors the peace of mind that they are not the first line of defense for noise monitoring. We hope that a successful pilot will help bring consensus around a practical solution that benefits local homeowners, travelers, and the broader community.”

The Vacation Rental Tourism Association worked with its members and individual homeowners to identify homes with neighbors that will benefit most from this technology. “If we can reduce or eliminate complaint calls at these 50 homes, then there will be real evidence that this technology might be part of the solution to neighborhood concerns about vacation rentals on a much wider scale,” says Flannery. “This will prevent a lot of problems before they even start. A friendly reminder is all most people need to remember they’re in a residential neighborhood,” Flannery concluded.

Learn more about how NoiseAware can help you if you're in the Palm Springs area or another location with heated city council regulation conversations.

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