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Top 4 Devices Needed in Short Term Rentals

Top 4 Devices Needed in Short-Term Rentals

It is hard to know how to keep properties until after disasters take place, usually costing great deals of money. To save reputation, time, and money, check out the top 4 devices needed in any short term rental.

Smart Locks

Everyone has either had those guests or been that guests that have lost their key. For the hotel industry, it is a simple fix. You go down to the lobby and ask for another card, but for the short-term rental industry, it becomes expensive. Most property managers are not physically able to make it to the property in a timely manner, which causes guests to have an unpleasant experience. Plus, continually creating new keys or cards starts to add up. What can fix this problem?

Smart locks!

Smart locks are revolutionizing how property managers and homeowners keep their guests happy. They allow guests to not worry about losing something so small when they are supposed to be relaxing on vacation. With smart locks, all people have to do is look at their phones and type in the code. Now no one will worry about ever being locked out or paying for new keys. A bonus, they are highly programmable, making your property secure for the next stay.


Smart Noise Monitoring

Once guests are inside the rental, how are property managers/owners going to keep their property(s) safe? How are they able to provide their guests with absolute privacy while still having insight into the well-being of their property(s)? This is where Noise Monitoring Sensors come into play.

Installing a Noise Monitoring Sensor in each property will provide the capability to alert property managers/owners when guests are loud enough to disturb the neighbors. No one wants to upset their community or have damages that occur to their property. With consistent, loud noise in a property, there is a good chance that property damage is about to follow. Why spend thousands of dollars on repairing damages? Installing a Noise Monitoring solution at your property(s) allows you to be proactive while avoiding costly damages.


Equipping your property with smart-home noise monitoring, such as NoiseAware, will give property managers peace of mind of knowing when guests are too loud or if someone is in the property when there isn’t supposed to be anyone. Bonus, it is 100% privacy safe!

Smart Doorbell

“Ding Dong,” the typical noise everyone imagines when talking about doorbells, smart doorbells go beyond only making the noise. Now, property managers/owners can have a video in real-time displayed on their device to see who is at the door. Some smart doorbells even allow you to greet your guests, creating a personal touch if property managers/owners aren’t able to greet them in person!

Not only does it create a human connection, but it makes the property secure for guests. If someone isn’t supposed to be at the property or more people are entering than are staying at the rental, there is a problem. By using a smart doorbell, property managers/owners are alerted on their phones so that they can take action before disaster strikes.


Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats make it extremely simple for guests to feel comfortable in their short-term rental. It provides property managers/owners the capability to change the temperature within specific properties remotely. Smart Thermostats alert property owners/managers when the temperature is adjusted and if the air conditioning is having problems. Guests will not be pleased if they arrive at a property with no air condition or heating.

Smart thermostats can save money by turning down the air when the property isn’t occupied. Someone managing multiple properties, knows air conditioning bills drain your bank account without one of these smart home devices implemented in all of their short-term rentals.


For more information on finding the best thermostat in 2020, check out this post.

Your property is one of your most valuable assets, making the safety of the home and its’ guests crucial. With the rise of smart-home tech pieces in the security space, it’s now become easier than ever before to rest assured that your property is at its’ best while you’re away. Consider equipping your property(s) with the devices listed above to save both time and money in the long-run.

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