Top 5 Takeaways from HomeAway Summit

admin 08/21/2017

NoiseAware CEO, David Krauss, attended HomeAway's Summit last week in Nashville and we are sharing everything he learned with you all! Here are his top five takeaways from the summit

1) HomeAway is moving full throttle towards Instant Booking.

  • Adapting to this quickly will separate the winners from the losers!

  • Why does this matter?

    • When guests can book instantly, there is no more vetting. The risk equation changes when anyone can rent your home.

    • Rankings and your search placement will be affected by many things but we believe this will drive the most change to HOW your vacation rentals are operated.

    • For listings without instant booking, accepting and honoring online bookings will be effective in keeping your ranking on par with your competition.


Nashville managers loving the NoiseAware demo!

2) Kleenerly is solving the difficult "kleening" issue for vacation rentals.

  • NoiseAware is partnering with Kleenerly to explore how property awareness can help optimize cleaning operations.

  • Using NoiseAware's real-time noise level data to see if guests have checked out early means professional cleaning managers, like Kleenerly, can get the Cleaning crew in early.

  • Kleenerly operates in Nashville and Atlanta.

  • Check out Kleenerly here.

3) John Kim, President of HomeAway, really does want to hear from his customers.

  • JK, as they call him at HomeAway, was in the hallways and aisles for the entire conference.

  • He understands that the changes HomeAway has had to make disrupt many owners and managers processes.

  • I have to give him credit for making himself completely available to everyone at the partner summit.

4) The HomeAway government relations team has launched the easiest way ever to advocate for your business!

  • If you’re reading this and you do only one thing, text "together" to 52886 and you have done your part. It's as simple as that! I did it too.

    • The prompt will ask for your zip code and then the tool will keep you informed of simple ways to advocate directly to decision makers when threatening legislation comes up!

5) Nashville has a lot of regulatory changes in the pipeline

  • After working with NASTRA and talking with people at the events surrounding the HomeAway Summit, City Council members heard from HomeAway and Airbnb reps.
  • Both platforms are willing to work with the city on a "partnership" agreement.

  • The agreement could include:

    • Technical help in enforcing the rules and regulations to include not just collecting taxes, but also pass through registration, which means only permitted homes will ultimately be allowed to advertise.

    • It's early on in the planning process and nothing is decided or agreed upon, but Nashville’s ordinance now looks like it will resemble something similar to Chicago or New Orleans when all is said and done.

    • If you're in Nashville, join our partners at the Nashville Area Short Term Rental Alliance (NASTRA) in the fight for reasonable regulation.

  • Why does this matter?

    • A good ordinance in Nashville would be a model for other cities.

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