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Blog - Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guide

Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guide
By Madison Perry 12/18/2017 4:10 PM Comments

The holidays are all about giving and enjoying time with family and friends! While it truly is the best time of the year, we know it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift for each person on your list. Here at NoiseAware, we’ve put together the perfect list of gift ideas for just about anyone on your list, whether they be naughty or nice! Hopefully, our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide can help make your holiday season that much easier!!

Day One: Bass Flip Flops

Dave, CEO

Dave always loves a good laugh, and what’s funnier than shoes that look like two basses?! Not only are they a statement piece, but they're also functional! Being both waterproof and non-slip, these shoes are sure to turn heads.

Day Two: The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey

Andrew, CTO

Andrew is one of few that works better after a glass or two of whiskey. He finds that a whiskey named after our mascot, Quiet Man, makes coding that much easier!

Day Three: Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer

Christine, Head of Growth

Christine is passionate about travel, experiences and the people that are a part of that, especially during a time like the holidays. Being able to share instant memories can be the best gift of all.

Day Four: Custom Vans

Garrett, Head of Product

Garrett is all about giving one-of-a-kind gifts and what’s better than a custom pair of new kicks?! Not all custom shoes have to be expensive, and these will show the one your gifting that you went the extra mile to personalize them!

Day Five: Airline Miles

Madison, Marketing Manager

Madison is a passionate traveler and hopes to one day have traveled to all 195 countries. She believes that giving the gift of travel is the best gift of all! Everyone needs to get out more and experience the world from a new perspective.

Day Six: Herschel Backpack

Patrick, Customer Success

Patrick is always on the go and needs a trusty bag to keep all of his belongings safe and sound. He’s found Herschel backpacks to be both durable and fashionable!

Day Seven: My Little Pony

Jeremy, Head of Software Engineering

Jeremy isn’t a huge fan of exchanging Christmas presents, but we know that deep down, his favorite gift to give is the gift of love and magic.

Day Eight: Skybuds

Jake, Hardware Engineer

Jake believes that technology is always the best gift, so what’s better than sleek, truly wireless headphones?!

Day Nine: Sports tickets

Robert, Customer Experience Manager

Robert is a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to the Dallas Stars! You can’t go wrong with gifting someone a pair of tickets to their favorite sports game.

Day Ten: InstaPot

Drew, Sales & Business Development Manager

Drew says that whether it’s cooking for a quick family dinner or slow roasting something for the holidays, InstaPot is a game changer for a homemade, delicious dish!

Day Eleven: Cryptocurrency

Hamlin, Intern

Hamlin says cryptocurrency is the hottest gift of the season because it’s both interactive and continues to increase in value!

Day Twelve: Dog & Human Matching Pajamas

Oliver, Chief Smile Officer

Oliver enjoys snuggling and spending time with all of his human friends! So what’s better than being cozy while matching his human?!

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