VRMA East Ft. Quiet Man

admin 04/18/2018

Quiet Man loves nothing more than solving noise nuisance issues around the world, but in his spare time, he enjoys making appearances at industry conferences!

This week he made sure to pencil in VRMA East so he could educate the industry on noise, learn from other experts, and also work on his summer glow
(it was in Miami after all).

His sleek, aerodynamic body suit usually gets conversations going, but this time he wanted to truly break the ice by dishing out dares. He didn’t come empty handed though - if they delivered on the dare they’d get a scratch off, because who doesn’t love money?!

He was blown away by the risk takers that were all willing to gamble on accepting an embarrassing dare in exchange for some extra cash!

Here’s a look at some of his favorites:

Quiet Man dared someone to pretend to be a food without saying anything!

If you’re wondering what a human pizza looks like, we now know!

On the floor, in the fetal position with a point. Appetizing? Not sure. Funny? Absolutely.
Thanks, Vacasa!

Two of his favorites in the industry accepted the dare of yelling out their LOVE for NoiseAware.
Thanks, Rented.com and Proper Insurance!

His friends at Guesty chose to eat food with no hands. Challenging? No. Not for one of the leading PMS teams in the biz.

And Vroomres explained their day in a Jamaican accent quite well. Probably thanks to all those nice vacations they take to the islands in the Caribbean.

Who knew taking a risk would be such a hit?!

Thanks to his crazy dares, Quiet Man was able to spread his message:

Don’t gamble with your guests.

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