What is Noise Monitoring and Why is it Essential?

rocky 11/12/2019

What is Noise Monitoring and Why is it Essential?

Have you ever wondered how you can rest assured that the well-being of your property is up to par when guests occupy it? With video cameras being both illegal and creating a major creep factor inside the property, homeowners and property managers alike have been forced to cross their fingers and hope for the best. That is until NoiseAware came into play, giving property owners peace of mind again.

NoiseAware’s Co-Founder, David Krauss, lived the nightmare of having a guest throw a party at his property while he was away. It was so big that David received a Cease and Desisted letter and had to sell the property - ultimately losing $30K+.

He knew there had to be a solution to the issue. What was a clear indicator of what was occurring at the property without having actual eyes on it? Noise. That’s the day NoiseAware was born, and a whole new concept of noise monitoring came to be! Together with Andrew Schulz, he developed NoiseAware, “The Smoke Detector for Noise." A smart sensor equipped with noise monitoring technology to save short-term rental owners and managers from the same nightmare David endured.

So, you’re probably sitting here hoping that what happened to David never happens to you, but how does noise monitoring actually work? Don’t worry - we’ve got the A’s to your Q’s.

How does Noise Monitoring work?

Noise monitoring measures the levels of noise within a property. It allows for the property owner/manager to remotely be aware of noise levels within their property. How does it measure noise levels, you ask? Noise monitoring sensors use decibel levels to measure the different levels of noise in a particular area. The louder it gets, the higher the decibel level.

Why do noise monitoring sensors use decibel levels?

Measuring in decibel levels is 100% privacy-safe. Keeping people secure with the peace of mind that they have complete privacy. The only thing being documented is the level of noise; it will take three minutes of consecutive noise to display what decibel level being captured.

Our Noise Risk Score goes beyond a simple decibel scale. We know that sound is subjective based on the distance and where it is coming from. The Noise Risk Score takes that into account. We track not only how loud it is, but how long it is noisy. We combine this with several other factors to bring you the contextual noise risk score. Nobody wants a text every time your guest sneezes. But if you want to test it out, grab a speaker and set it up to play music for three consecutive minutes. You will, for sure, set off your alerts!

To give some reference to how loud each decibel level refer to the chart:

Noise Risk Chart

What are the benefits of monitoring noise levels?

#1 Protect your property against parties

Monitoring noise levels allows you toprotect your property without mistreating your guests’ privacy. Our simple plug and play sensors track the decibel levels at your property, evaluate other risk factors, and send an alert via text or email if the noise levels exceed your chosen threshold level. With this smart home technology, property owners can act immediately and protect their properties from damages caused by extensive gatherings/ parties. Becoming the first and not the last one to know when something is wrong with your property!

#2 Protect against false complaints

While neighbors can be a helpful resource when it comes to protecting your property while you are not around, they can also cause some trouble by making false complaints. Plus, neither you or your neighbors want to have to constantly be policing the property. Noise monitoring can help against these false complaints from the surrounding neighbors. Having noise monitoring sensors installed in your home allows you to track back any noise that occurred at your property. NoiseAware has been shown to disprove formal complaints and saved property owners/managers hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines.

#3 Be a responsible neighbor

We all know that sometimes, it only takes one irresponsible host and one incident to ruin the business for everyone. You do not want to be that person! By informing neighbors that noise monitoring sensors are installed on the property, property owners/managers demonstrate not only that they care about their neighbors well being but furthermore about their community. Building strong community relations will show responsible for renting and negate the stigma that short-term rentals have. Be a leading example for the industry!

#4 Insights beyond parties

After guests have stayed at the property, a cleaning crew comes in to get the unit ready for the next round of guests. Property owners/managers can use noise monitoring to see if their cleaning crews are arriving on time and if they are there long enough to do a deep cleaning. Property owners/managers don’t want their guests staying at a semi-clean home, and neither do we! Stay on top of your cleaners so that your guests will have the best experience possible while praising you through reviews.

When the property is vacant, property owners/managers can see if there is noise within the property. The noise is likely indicating there is someone in the property that shouldn’t be, or something is happening within the property that can cause concern. You don’t want anything stolen from you! For any of these situations, noise monitoring sensors can help save hundreds of dollars in damages and fees. A bonus is that you can sit from the comfort of your how while getting it solved!

Having noise monitoring sensors can help with more than quieting down a party; it can help protect against false complaints, build better community relations, as well as serve as a good example for other hosts and the STR industry. Plus, it is 100% privacy-safe. To us, that’s a win-win-win-win-win!!

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