When 13 People Party at Your One Bedroom Condo

admin 12/12/2017

Over 1 million people stayed in Short Term Rentals for New Year's Eve last year. This year that number will be even higher. Now we all like to enjoy ourselves on New Year's Eve but it's not just a night like this that will invite unsuspecting troublesome travelers, it could be any night of the year.

Recently one of our customers shared his experience:

"NoiseAware has definitely saved my short term rental business more than once.

Recently we hosted a guest who was coming to town under the guise of "visiting local friends and just needed a place to stay for the night." Around 8 pm a NoiseAware event was triggered. It was rather early in the evening, so even though we have a "no party" rule, I decided to wait a little while to see if the event would correct itself. It didn't.

So I called the guest about 30-minutes prior to our posted quiet-hours and said, "A member of our on-site security team has notified us that there is noise coming from the apartment that's above an acceptable level for our house rules. Is everything ok?" (hint: NoiseAware is on my "Security Team." :-).

The guest assured us that they were attempting to keep the volume down to an acceptable level. Just the same, we then messaged them a reminder of our house rules which includes "No Parties" and "Do not have more guest than stated on your reservation."

I then checked my outdoor security cameras about 20 minutes later to watch 13 people exit our one bedroom apartment!

Thank you NoiseAware for helping me identify a situation that could have quickly gotten out of hand and saving me from the potential property damage that is sure to occur when you have 13 people in a one bedroom apartment."

ARE YOU READY for Troublesome Travelers like Mr. & Mrs. Popular!?

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