Asheville Regulations


It is still currently illegal for short term rentals in residentially zoned districts, commercial areas, and mixed-use areas. They are currently only permitted in resort zoning districts within the city of Asheville.

In 2015 HomeStays began to be allowed, as long as the owner is staying in the property and there is a max of two rooms being rented out.

A HomeStay is defined by the city of Asheville as, “The rental of a room or rooms in a private home. A homestay can only be permitted if:

  • It is in a residentially zoned area
  • The owner/manager must be living in the unit full time
  • It is renting out one-two bedrooms
  • It is renting out the bedrooms for less than 30 days


To apply for a homestay license, the documents you must have are:

  • Proof of Residency
  • Signed Owner's Affidavit
  • Floor Plan with everything labeled.

There will be a $208 zoning application and technology fee.

To apply for or renew a homestay permit visit the city of Asheville website.

Fines and Fees

Anyone who violates any of the rules can face a fine of $500 a day

For any further questions go to the City of Asheville's website.

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