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The home-rental movement is picking up steam, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon.

Since its conception in 2008, the home sharing service Airbnb has had 200 million bookings on its platform. That’s just Airbnb alone, not even counting the other home sharing services such as Vacayrx or HomeAway.

How many stays have you had in your own home from these services? Are you getting your piece of the pie?

If not, you’ll want to check out these quick tips to help you run a more successful home-sharing service, so you can get more customers, and make more cash.

Tip # 1: Separate Yourself

Stepping out from the crowd is always one of the hardest steps in any venture, and this is no exception.

When putting a room for Airbnb or any of the home-sharing services up on the web, think about these elements:

  • What makes my property stand out?
  • Do I live in a heavily trafficked city (like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles)?
  • What could I add to the property to make it more attractive?
  • What desirable amenities add to the property?
  • Do I offer special services that incentivize guests?

Putting some definite thought into these will make it much easier when you go to list your property.

Tip # 2: Make a Good First Impression

Your guests have never stepped foot in your house before. A majority of them also won’t be familiar with the general town or city you live in. That means it is your job to make your property sound as attractive as possible.

The best way to do this is to write a great description and include some photogenic pictures.

If you want to write a great description, focus on appealing adjectives. If you were looking for a place to stay on vacation, what would you want the property to be described as? Luxurious? Accommodating? Cozy? Focusing on words like these that will attract the potential guests you’re looking for.

You also want your property to look appealing in pictures. Invest in a good camera and some photo-editing software like Adobe Lightroom, to add some “punch” to your photos.

If there’s one tip that you should follow, it’s this: make your place incredibly clean. This can’t be understated.

Think of your place like a hotel. If you were going to stay at a hotel wouldn’t you want it to be the cleanest place possible?

The same should go for your home. Your home is a representation of you and your values to the outside world. You don’t want it broadcasting a bad message.

Areas of note: bathroom, kitchen, living room, and the guest bedroom.

Tip # 4: Be Responsive

No one likes to be hanging in the wind when it comes to communication, especially communication when it comes to a platform like Airbnb or HomeAway.

Your guests expect timely and rapid communication from you when you’re talking with them on one of the home-sharing services.

If they’re asking questions of you and you don’t follow up quickly, you run the risk of appearing like a careless host. No guest wants that, so they’ll more likely pass on you and go to the next host.

Tip # 5: Small Details

The saying “the devil’s in the details isn’t just cliche.” It’s very true, especially when it comes to renting your home out to guests.

Adding small touches here and there that make the place stand out or make the place seem a little cozier will go a long way to:

  1. Separate you from other hosts
  2. Show your guests you care about their experience

Some of these may be:

  • Leaving snacks in your pantry area
  • Leaving travel/must-do pamphlets about your area in your kitchen
  • Even making your guests a meal!

NoiseAware Tip: Use a service such as GuestBox to save time, boost reviews, and increase the value of your listing! GuestBox curates luxury goods for your guests to enhance their experience. Easily provide your guests with more than just the basics!

All of these small things add up and put you one step closer to Superhost status.

Tip # 6: Be a Superhost

On the home-sharing platform Airbnb, excellent hosts have a chance of becoming “Superhosts.”

An Airbnb Superhost is a person who gives an amazing travel experience for their guests and is noted for their above-and-beyond hospitality.

If you get this coveted status, a badge will appear on your profile and next to your listing letting potential guests know that you’re a Superhost.

Superhosts are much more likely to have guests fill up their space in addition to having their listings featured higher in search results.

Tip # 7: Amenities

Have you ever been in a home that has run out of toilet paper? Not fun.

Make sure your house is stocked to the brim with basic amenities. We’re talking about paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, tissues, toothpaste, floss, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes… All of the things that help promote cleanliness in and around your home.

If you buy things in bulk from somewhere like Costco’s, BJ’s, Sam’s Club, or even Wal-Mart, all of these will help you cut down on costs and ensure that you have all the supplies ready at hand when you need them.

If you follow these tips and make sure you are treating your home with all of the standards of a hotel while maintaining an intimate and homely feel, you’ll have hordes of guests coming to stay at your place

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