Jefferson City Regulations


Short-Term Rentals can only be rented out if operated by the owner of the property unless a renter gets approval in writing from the landowner.

Need to apply for a business license if the short-term rental is located in:

  • Mixed-use zoned area
  • Office commercial-zoned areas
  • Neighborhood commercial-zoned areas
  • General commercial-zoned areas
  • Central commercial-zoned areas

Apply for a special exception permit, if not one of the zones stated above (around a 3-month process).

Verify zoning with the City of Jefferson (573) 634-6313.

Housing Standards:

  • Accessory structures can't be used as a short-term rental
  • Number of occupants can't be more than five unrelated persons when renting out the whole property and no more than four people renting out a lodging room
  • A sign of the maximum size
  • For parking, there must be two on-street spots available or three parking spots that aren't on the street
  • Must have a fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in each bedroom
  • Fire escape plans posted in each bedroom
  • Each level must have a minimum of two fire exits
  • No hot plates or microwaves are allowed in bedrooms

If there are any questions contact (573) 634-6410 or email


To get a special exception license fill out this form

To apply for a business license fill out this form

Visit the Hosting Fact Sheet for more information

Fines and Fees

When applying for a special exemption license, the application fee is $500.

When applying for a business license, the fee is $50 multiplied by the rate for that month.

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