New Orleans Airbnb Regulations


There are new regulations that will be going into effect as of Dec. 1st, 2019 for the city of New Orleans. The new regulations are more rigorous than the current ones in place. Here are the fundamentals of the new regulations:

  • STR's can only rent out if they have a homestead exemption and only up to 3 units.
  • There will no longer be any STRs allowed in the garden District or majority of the French Quarters, so any listing are going to be required to be removed.
  • There will also be a ban on having more than 1/4 of commercial buildings or mixed-used properties be STR's after Dec.1st, anything that is over that limit before Dec. 1st will be allowed to stay.
  • They are going to be strict in following these rules, so if a STR rental owner violates any of the new regulations or disturbs the neighbors, then their license can be revoked.

The city has decided that the new regulations will have two different types of nightly fees, one for commercial and one for residential renters.

  • The residential only increases from $1 to $5
  • The commercial increases from the $1 to $12.

The percent tax is still what is being decided on in November. It will be up to a vote on whether the city should include a 6.75 percent tax on top of the additional nightly fees.

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How To Apply for a License:

As of March 13th, 2017 people located in New Orleans will be able to either file their application online or in person.

  • If you are going to file it in person, then you can find the required documents that have to be filed here.
  • If you are going to do it online you can file them online here.

You will need to find the Short Term Rental permit (far right column) and then sign in to an account and follow the steps from there on! If you choose the "pass-through" registration then you will be contacted by a city staff member that might ask for more information/know when fees need to be paid.

Requirements for the Application:

Depending on the license type, there might be more information provided besides what is required below. Everyone must submit the following for EACH property, detailing that they have:

    • $500,000+ of valid insurance
    • Working smoke detectors in every bedroom, halls and habitable floors (basements included)
    • Fully up to date working fire extinguisher
    • Clear map of all the fire exits with emergency contact information in a central location within the property
    • Proper certification acknowledging the City's Minimum Property Maintenance, Building, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Codes
    • Certification of compliance with the Use Standards of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance
    • The property owner has made aware the Short Term Rental to neighboring properties
    • Certification of no outstanding taxes or liens
    • Certification of consent of the property owner if the renter is using the property as a Short Term Rental.
  • If any false information is provided then the Short Term Rental license will be immediately withdrawn.

Requirements to provide proof of compliance with City Code:

  • A floor plan containing all of the smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency contact and fire exit postings
  • Finished application for a Change of Use Building Permit
  • Cell Phone Number, email address and mailing address for the property owner and local manager (if there is one)
  • Copy of the Conditional Use Ordinance with the approved record plans (if needed)
  • List of the rental platforms that the property will be using
  • Name and address of a resident of Orleans Parish (someone who can be given any legal documents if needed)

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Fine and Fees

Violation Information:

If you are looking for any information of violation cases, license applications, and location of active license you can go here. If you are wanting more information, you can contact Short Term Rental Administration through email at

Violation Hearings:

Hearings are held in accordance to Chapter 6 of the City Code.


If the regulations stated above are not followed, then the City can:

  • Take back the Short Term Rental License
  • Issue daily fines for continued violations
  • Place liens on the property
  • Disconnect electrical services.

If these actions don't get the owner of the property to comply with the stated regulations, then the Department of Safety can go through the Civil District Courts.

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