Oklahoma City Regulations


In Oklahoma City, the only type of short-term rental license you can obtain is the Home Sharing License. Meaning that each property being rented out must be the primary residence for the property owner. You can only rent out a room(s) unless the host has a special exception form the Board of Adjustment. If your property is in the Historic Preservation Districts, then you will also need a special exception. If you received a license before Jan. 15, 2019, then you do not have to get a special exemption. You can run a home-share rental in a residentially zoned district.

Rules for home-sharing:

  • The rental many not exceed 30 consecutive days
  • The property must have working smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher
  • The property must be up to date on building and fire codes
  • Must have a home-sharing license to operate
  • All fees and taxes must be paid
  • Must have a special exemption if it isn't in a residentially zoned district.

For more information, visit the Oklahoma City website.


To apply for a home-sharing licenses, you will need to provide the following:

  • Host information
  • Local Contact Information if the host doesn't live in the same city
  • Number of rooms available for rent
  • All of the URLs for any advertisements of the property
  • An attached affidavit showing the property is up to code on all city maintenance requirements
  • Proof of ownership of property
  • If you are a tent an approval from the property owner is required
  • Proof the property is the primary residence of the applicant
  • If you had a license before Jan. 15, 2019, you need to provide documentation.

Fines and Fees

A license can be suspended or revoked if there are two or more violations within two years or if it includes one of the reasons stated in the Municipal Code.

The maximum fine that you can receive is $500 plus and court costs.

For each day that you continue to violate the ordinances is a different offense.

For more information, visit the Oklahoma City website.

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