Savannah, GA Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Regulations

Vacation rentals are permitted in mixed-zoning districts. You must have an STRV certificate to operate within the city of Savannah.

Maximum occupancy rules:

  • There shouldn't be more than 4 guests in an STRV with no more than 2 bedrooms
  • For 3+ bedrooms, it shouldn't exceed more than 2 adults per bedroom.

The STRV owner is responsible for putting the certificate number and exemplar rental agreement where ever the property is advertised.

The City of Savannah requires an exemplar agreement posted on the property.

Having proof of insurance is required and must be presented for all applications, even if you are renewing.

Once you apply for an STRV certificate must tell all neighbors adjacent to the property all of the following:

  • Street Address
  • Parking location of guests
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Copy of the exemplar rental agreement
  • Property owner's name
  • Name of the rental agent.
  • If you are renting out a condo, you will need to adopt the condominium declaration.

For more information, visit the City of Savannah's website.

STVR Application Process

You must receive the STVR certificate before you are able to run your business.

The certificate will verify that you have met all of the zoning and ordinance requirements. If you want to see all of the zoning requirements, visit here. If you want to see the ordinance requirements, you can go here.

You have to complete the STVR application in full for the application to be processed.

If you are applying for more than one STVR certificate at a time, you have to fill out and send in a transmittal form.

For more information visit the City of Savannah's website

Are STVR's pet-friendly?

The rules for properties to be pet-friendly are determined by the property owners themselves.

You can find many pet friends STVR's on Savannah, check out this website to see where you can find them!

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