Traverse City Regulations


The City of Traverse City, Michigan, refers to short-term rentals as vacation rentals. They define Vacation Home rental as "a dwelling in certain allowed districts which is rented for any term less than 30 consecutive days." Vacation Home Rentals are permitted, but you can't operate it if there is no license for it.

If you have any questions about the regulations, contact the City Clerk's Office at 231-922-4489 or email them at


What is needed for the application?

Application Fee, Proof of Insurance, A drawn to scale floor plan of the property.

The floor plan should include:

  • All room
  • All exits
  • Streets
  • Alleys
  • Ordinance required building setback lines
  • Existing building
  • Complete descriptions of parking spaces
  • Details of all outdoor areas

All licenses expire on the 31st of December. For the application, go to the Traverse City website.

After the application is submitted:

  • The Zoning Administrator reviews the application
  • Fire Inspector will come to inspect the property
  • The Deputy City Treasurer will make sure all taxes/tickets are paid
  • Vacation Home License is approved and issued

Fines and Fees

For the application, there will be a fee of $220 (inspection required) or $150 (no inspection required)

The City Clerck can suspend a license if the property doesn't adhere to the laws. A license can be revoked if it has violated any of the rules, or it has false statements within the application.

To read more about this visit the City of Traverse City website

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