Wilmington Short Term Rental Regulations

Wilmington, NC short term lodging laws:

You need to determine what type of property yours is going to be - Homestay lodging or Whole-house lodging

  • Homestay lodging: When the hosts live on the property the whole rental period
  • Whole-house lodging: When the host doesn’t live on the property during the rental period. They must be available 24/7 and within 25 miles of the rental property.

Your property that is within 400ft of a Bed & Breakfast or approved Whole-housing is subjected to amortization (expires April 22, 2020)

They can be located in residential and non-residential districts. You can find the districts here.

How to Register a short term rental in Wilmington, NC:

To register a short-term rental, you can visit www.wilmingtonnc.gov/STLregistration and answer all of the questions

For more information, visit their website here.

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