How does NoiseAware work?

NoiseAware detects and prevents noise violations at short term rental properties. We provide you with our noise sensors and 24/7 home noise monitoring service. Once you receive your NoiseAware sensor in the mail you’ll create an account on our dashboard.

Install takes 5 minutes! You’ll connect your NoiseAware sensors to the property’s wifi and our system uses algorithms and machine learning to calculate a real-time Noise Risk Score.

With our dashboard you can customize every property's quiet hours, noise violation threshold, and alerting preferences to ensure that when a noise violation does occur, you are automatically notified.

NoiseAware alerts allow you to proactively respond to noise issues rather than reacting to neighbor complaints and police involvement. With real-time and historical data available on the NoiseAware dashboard, you can now protect your guests, owners, neighbors and property from noise related issues like never before.

How does NoiseAware help prevent noise complaints?

Guests often don't know when they are being too loud. Intentionally or not, violating quiet hours can give rise to noise complaints. NoiseAware protects you, your neighbors, and your guests by sending you instant, real-time alerts when your quiet hours are violated.

When a noise violation notification is received, oftentimes a simple, friendly message to your guest about quiet hours—or a heads up about your city's noise nuisance fines—often solves the problem. NoiseAware keeps you informed by verifying that noise disturbances have ceased.

Where is the best place to position the NoiseAware noise sensors to ensure guests noise levels are acceptable?

Our monitoring services are based on your property size and the number of “activity zones” you would like covered by us. Activity zones are areas on your property where guest would congregate and potentially make noise that could be a disturbance to neighbors or the community.

Typical locations are living rooms, kitchens, game rooms and outdoor areas - by the pool or hot tub. If you’re looking to place our sensors outdoors or need a consultation on how best to protect your property please contact our team today or fill out this form to get a personal recommendation.

Can I choose how NoiseAware notifies me of a noise disturbance?

Yes! During the 5 minute setup process, you’ll customize who you want NoiseAware alerts to be sent to and how. NoiseAware alerts are sent via text message and/or email. Notifications include a link to your NoiseAware dashboard to give you instant awareness into the noise levels at your property.

We’re currently working on new feature capabilities so that NoiseAware alerts can integrate with your property management software and guest reservation data. If you’re interested in these features and are a property manager please contact us at info@noiseaware.io

Will a single loud sound (dog barking, hands clapping, plates breaking) trigger a Noise Alert?

No. We have designed NoiseAware to only alert you if there are sustained noise levels. We cannot identify or alert on gun shots, dogs barking, doors slamming, or any other loud but brief noise event. There is a secret sauce to our algothrim that detects what’s a problem and what’s not at your property. We want you to be alerted whenever there is a problem. We’re able to do this all with only taking into account decibels, noise levels, duration and other factors that does not include recording any content.

Won’t my guest just unplug it or remove it from the wall?

Well let’s hope not! Let’s review all the ways we try to ensure this does not happen:

  • Our sensors are packaged with a screw so that you can secure it to the outlets faceplate.
  • The sensors have a inconspicuous design - most guest won’t notice that it's there or what it is.
  • This is why we suggest you always buy more than one for a larger property.
  • You’ll be alerted immediately!

If we detect that a sensor has gone inactive (unplugged, wifi or power outage) and it is stays inactive for more than 10 minutes we will alert you.

Should I tell my guests that I have NoiseAware installed?

Yes. We recommend disclosing that you have noise monitoring technology installed. We suggest doing this through signs, in your rental agreement and/or in your property listing description. Many managers find that NoiseAware deters loud guests.

Reach out to our team and we’d be happy to provide you with some best practice rental agreement language!

What about guest privacy? Does NoiseAware invade privacy?

Privacy for guests is essential, and preserving that privacy is our number one concern. NoiseAware is noninvasive, and does not and cannot record sounds or speech. Our proprietary technology identifies noise disturbances without violating your guests’ privacy.

What is the return policy?

We’re in this to be your best partner in preventing noise disturbance issues. That’s why we have a 60 day guarantee - if after 60 days this isn’t working for you and your needs you let us know. Our team will provide a return shipping label and full refund.

What if I move/sell my place and buy another? Can I move the NoiseAware Sensor to a different property?

Yes! Feel free to move sensors between your properties. We recommend disabling the sensor (found on the sensor settings page) before unplugging it to avoid the alerts. Our team can help you reset and reconfigure the sensor at a new property.

How can I become a part of the team you guys are so cool!?

Wow you made it this far down on our FAQs and you think we’re cool. Thanks we do too! Quietman and our team would love to grow the number of properties that use NoiseAware. Want to refer EVERYONE!? Join our referral program to help us spread the word.

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