Plug and Play

Installation takes less than 5 minutes. Simply plug the sensor into your wall outlet and we walk you through the setup process.

Dashboard Management

Our dashboard helps you manage all of your properties in one place. Whether you have one property or multiple properties we make it easy to monitor the noise level at each property no matter where you are.

Privacy Safe

Guests' privacy is always protected. Our patent pending technology ensures that no content is recorded.

24/7 Property Monitoring

You customize the settings and NoiseAware monitors your property so you don't have to. The security you need to protect your property from noise issues and other potential threats.

Access to Historical Data

With NoiseAware, hindsight is 20/20. Access your properties' historical noise level data through the dashboard at anytime, anywhere.

Instant Alerts

Since you are on a need-to-know basis, if noise levels exceed your set threshold, we'll notify you via SMS or email immediately.