About the NoiseAware Mobile App

You asked for it, and we delivered with a brand new and fully-featured mobile application! Now you can monitor and manage your NoiseAware system from anywhere. If you're new to NoiseAware or downloading our app for the first time, this guide should help you learn the ins and outs of the NoiseAware app.


What's new

The NoiseAware mobile app introduces a new feature set that matches our redesigned dashboard:

  • Native on iOS and Android for the best possible experience
  • Quick and easy guided sensor setup, with Bluetooth support for Gen 3 sensors
  • Manage alerts across email, SMS, and now push notifications
  • See active alerts on the mobile dashboard
  • Access current noise data across all installed properties
  • Review a sensors list for simple maintenance
  • Manage users and alert preferences

Keep reading for a complete walkthrough of the new mobile application.


After you download the NoiseAware mobile app, you will be prompted to log in. If you have accessed NoiseAware on the web before, your same credentials will work for the mobile app. If you are new to NoiseAware, you should complete your first hardware purchase from our website to create an account.



The mobile application has a quick navigation bar at the bottom of the app as well as a secondary menu accessible from the hamburger icon in the top-left.

Across the quick navigation bar at the bottom, you can find the following links:

  1. Dashboard (default launch screen)
  2. Properties
    1. Property Detail
  3. Sensors
    1. Sensor Detail
  4. Events

Clicking the hamburger icon in the top-left will open a secondary menu that contains additional links:

  1. Administrator Tools (admin only)
  2. Account Settings
  3. Add Property
  4. Set Up Sensor
  5. Store
  6. Support
  7. About

There is also a permanent search feature that can be opened from the search icon at the top-right of most screens.



The Dashboard screen (default launch screen) is a new feature designed to let you know quickly if there are any current noise issues at any of your properties. If all is quiet, our super hero Quiet Man will appear to let you know. But if you do have current noise risks, you will see a list of properties in alert here.

Clicking on a row from the Dashboard screen will open the Property Detail panel with additional information.



The Properties screen is a complete list of every property you've added to NoiseAware. Property Tags and Guest features are currently only available in the web dashboard.


Property Detail

Clicking on any property from the Properties screen will open the Property Detail panel. The Property Detail panel replaces the standard quick navigation panel at the bottom of the screens with the following property-specific links:

  1. Data
  2. Sensors
  3. Events
  4. Settings

Data shows the Noise Risk Score reported by every sensor installed at this property. A time selector at the top-right will allow you to select how much recent noise data you want to view (data older than 7 days is accessible from the web dashboard). The sensor legend at the bottom shows the names of the sensors installed at the property, and clicking on the sensor name will toggle that sensor on the graph.

Sensors shows the current threshold settings for your sensors at this property. The NoiseAware app supports multiple thresholds per sensor by hour of day. When sensors are first set up they will use our recommended threshold settings based on your property type and sensitivity - however you can always visit this screen to adjust any of your threshold settings.

Events shows you a list of events that have occurred at this property such as noise risks or sensor disconnections. You can also add notes to the events here for other NoiseAware users to see.

Settings allows you to edit basic property information or delete your property. Please note that changing your property type here will not change the thresholds of existing sensors, but will be used to apply defaults to any new sensors added to the property.



The Sensors screen is designed to help NoiseAware users with maintenance and support of NoiseAware devices. From here you can find the current status of each NoiseAware sensor to quickly find offline sensors or sensors with low battery.


Sensor Detail

Clicking on any sensor from the Sensors screen will open the Sensor Detail panel. The Sensor Detail panel features an image of the installation location (if you chose to upload a picture during sensor setup), more detail on the sensor's current status for technical support, and an events list for this sensor that will show recent noise, tamper, or disconnection events. You can also rename or delete the sensor from here.



The Events screen shows a list of recent events across your account and can be helpful for looking for past events or for auditing the actions of users on your account. Clicking on an event will bring up more information depending on the event type.


Administrator tools

The Administrator Tools screen is the top link from the secondary hamburger menu. Only admin users have access to this menu. Here you can find settings that apply to your entire account, such as adding or editing users. Click on any user in the Users table to edit their information or set their permission level. Users with limited permissions will only see properties that they are permitted to see when they log in to their account.


Account settings

The Account Settings screen is where you can find settings specific to your user account, such as editing or adding email addresses or phone numbers for alert distribution, or setting preferences to receive alerts only for specific properties.


Add property

The Add property screen give you a form to enter property information into NoiseAware. Remember that your inputs in the Risk information section will determine the default thresholds applied to sensors at this property. Property Tags and importing information from supported PMS Integrations are features currently only available in the web dashboard.


Set up sensor

Use the mobile app to set up all of your NoiseAware sensors. Just select which model of sensor you'd like to set up, and then follow the step-by-step instructions. Gen 3 Indoor sensors are also equipped with Bluetooth features, which your phone will automatically detect for the easiest possible set up experience.


We have added an optional step to take a picture of your sensor installation to complete sensor set up. If you do choose to take a picture of the sensor, it will be featured in the Sensor Detail panel and can be helpful for sensor maintenance and alert context.


External links

Store, Support, and About are all external links that will open the web browser on your phone.

Store is where you can buy additional NoiseAware sensor and property subscriptions. We recommend using a computer to access the NoiseAware store.

Support is where you will find all of our help articles, and you can also access our support chat to talk with a member of our team.

About has additional information on NoiseAware and our software, including our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy using the new NoiseAware mobile app!

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