Enterprise Noise Monitoring for Property Managers

Manage all of your properties in one place — save time, man hours, and expenses

Property Protection

Quickly prevent what you can’t predict at all of your properties

Enterprise noise monitoring helps you quickly protect all your properties in one place from noise issues, property damage, and false complaints. The NoiseAware Dashboard provides you with intelligent insights on all of your properties.


Team Efficiency

Save time to put towards things that actually bring you revenue.

Your team is alerted when there’s a problem at any property. We streamline the process for how your team handles noise issues, cutting time spent in half. Your team can now spend more time providing an excellent experience for your guests and less time on an issue like noise.

Phone Alert

Reputation Management

Improve community relations and perception through issue prevention.

You will have historical data on the noise levels at any of your properties so you can maintain your good neighbor reputation within your community. Eliminate neighbor issues and calm the perception of being the "party house next door".

Reputation Management

Enterprise Solution

We provide a custom fit solution for you and your properties.

We work with you to understand your noise issue prevention and protection needs. We’ll help to build a custom property portfolio solution that works for you.

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Indoor Noise Monitoring

Indoor Noise Monitoring

NoiseAware Indoor Sensor

NoiseAware’s Indoor Noise Sensor works on every home and is 100% privacy-safe.

  • Plugs into any outlet
  • NEW Tamper proof detection technology
  • Quick & simple installation
  • FCC & Safety Certified
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*Properties require an active subscription to collect and store data.

Outdoor Noise Monitoring

Outdoor Noise Monitoring

NoiseAware Outdoor Sensor

Simply install NoiseAware’s 100% privacy-safe Outdoor Noise Sensor to monitor your entire property. Outdoor Sensors must be paired with Indoor Sensor.

  • Place anywhere outdoors on your property
  • Battery powered
  • 100% Weatherproof
  • Quick & simple install
  • FCC & Safety Certified
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*Properties require an active subscription to collect and store data & outdoor sensors require an indoor sensor.


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